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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2578)Oldham County Police Departments
Oldham County Jail102 West Main StreetLa GrangeKY40031502-222-3500
Oldham County Police Departments
Oldham County Police Department1855 Kentucky 393La GrangeKY40031502-222-1300
La Grange City Police Department410 West Jefferson StreetLa GrangeKY40031502-225-0444
La Grange Police Department121 West Main StreetLa GrangeKY40031502-225-0444
Oldham County Sheriff Department
Oldham County Sheriffs Office100 West Jefferson StreetLa GrangeKY40031502-222-9501
Oldham County Probation Department
Oldham County Probation Department102 West Main StreetLa GrangeKY40031502-222-3503
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Warrant Records in Oldham County, Kentucky

In olden days warrant records were kept in a custody of the local courthouse. This is the case even today in some states. But most people who want to look for information about any person’s arrest warrant or court documents would like to do the searches online. If you are looking for information about a person’s arrest warrant or court records, there are various ways to go about it depending on how much time and effort you want to spend.

The most common way to look for these records would be to go down to the local courthouse or head to the station where the person was arrested and then do your own record search. This is if the person’s warrant was not granted by a judge. This option will bring you to several pages of documents which are in legal files. Once you have these documents, the next step you need to consider is how you would like to search for the person’s arrest records. There are a number of ways to access someone’s records, but one option would be to do it online.

You can either find such records online through the comfort of your computer. However, most people would like to save time when doing research on the person they are investigating. Thus, we recommend using the services of an online database which provides access to numerous databases all in one place. The best part is that these sites are mostly updated daily and have millions of records which are easy to browse.

Using the online method to search for these records usually requires that you provide some information about the person you want to look up. For instance, if the person you are checking on has an alma mater, the school that he or she attended or his or her employment details. If you have these details then you will only have to put this information and click on the search button provided. In no time at all you would have the desired information about the person. You could then go to the courthouse where the person is living and have a chat with the authorities there to verify if the person is indeed an ex- convict.

There is also another easy option for anyone who wants to find out whether a person has a criminal record. This option is to use the web-based services which compile and publish the data of any person who applies for a public record through them. Through these websites, you can have access to a person’s warrant information as well as his or her case status. Hence, you can determine whether the person you want to hire has a warrant out for his or her arrest.

Although you may have to pay some money for the services of an online public records database, but you will never know when you might need them. In Oldham County alone, there are around 100 warrants out for people’s arrest. Therefore, it is important that you have all the necessary information on the person before you hire him or her. The most reliable and trustworthy way to do this is by using the online public search services.