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Warrant Records Are Like Criminal Background Checks

Warrant records are one of the public records that most people are not aware of. These are the papers that give police officers the right to arrest a person on suspicion of committing a crime. They are also kept by the courts and other law enforcement agencies for similar reasons. The only problem is that these records are rarely released to the public.

There are three main reasons that warrant applications are required. First of all, the person must be convicted of a crime that is a punishable by a year or more in jail. For example, if the person is arrested for battery with a deadly weapon he will almost certainly have a warrant out for his arrest. Another example is sex crimes. If you are accused of rape or sodomy in Menifee County, Kentucky, there is a mandatory waiting period of ninety days before you can apply to have those charges dismissed. This means that unless you can prove that you were not involved in the crime, or that the event you are accused of did not occur, there is no way you can get the charges dropped.

Warrant records, along with arrest records, are considered part of the public domain. Therefore, anyone can go down to the courthouse in Menifee and obtain the criminal history of a person. There are many reasons that a person might need this information.

Perhaps the most common reason is that a new neighbor has moved into the neighborhood and is just looking for an easy way to beat the competition. If they see that your child plays on a team whose quarterback was just arrested for killing his girlfriend, they may want to hire you to keep an eye on your son. Maybe there is a new guy in town who is thought to be up to no good. He just moved in and has a vendetta against the neighborhood. It is hard to say exactly what the motivation is, but in any case, hiring someone to keep an eye on your neighborhood is probably a wise move. In fact, it is probably a good idea to have someone who is an expert at catching cheaters at all times.

Another common use of a warrant is as a precursor to a full fledged investigation. You may have seen those TV shows where the husband of the wife is suspected of being involved in some sort of affair. Usually, a warrant is issued and the husband is taken into custody. A day or so later, he is released and tells the couple that everything that happened was his idea. The warrant was simply a setup.

If you are being questioned about any type of criminal activity, it is a good idea to have access to public warrant records. If you suspect that a friend is doing something, and that they are not telling you the truth, there may be a better way to find out the truth. Warrant searches can help you find out if you are being lied to. If you have nothing to hide, then you should always tell the truth. That’s how you get yourself out of any sticky situation.