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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2388)Harrison County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Harrison County Constable - District 4115 Joe B Hall CourtCynthianaKY41031859-983-8919
Harrison County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Harrison County Probation Department930 North US Highway 27CynthianaKY41031859-234-2952
Harrison County Sheriffs Office113 West Pike StreetCynthianaKY41031859-234-7135
Cynthiana Police Department420 East Pleasant StreetCynthianaKY41031859-234-7157
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Warrant records are legal documents that show a person’s arrest and arraignment on suspicion of a crime. Such documents also reveal other information regarding the suspect like his date of birth, current age, present address, past and future location of residence, family members, place of work and other known details about him. In some states like Kentucky, criminal activity is processed through fingerprinting and the booking information is stored in this system as well. This data is then used by agencies like FBI and police departments for regular checks. Warrant records can be accessed on the Internet.

Warrant records serve a very important purpose by letting people know if there is any criminal activity going on with someone. This can stop vigilant neighbors from alerting on suspicious activities in their neighborhood. The data in such records helps apprehend criminals and stop them from doing things that are inappropriate. It also protects business owners who employ people such as nannies and babysitters.

Warrant records are now considered public information. Anyone can conduct an authorized search to get the necessary information. You need not go to the police station or county clerk office to retrieve such records anymore. You can simply visit a computer company that offers online services. There are even some companies that offer instant access to such information. They just need to provide some basic information like the person’s first and last name, residence address, and Social Security number.

It is possible to run a criminal check for free. However, such a search will only return information regarding criminal acts committed in the past. Information regarding future criminal acts can only be found if you pay a nominal fee. This is how these online services get their money.

It is recommended that the searches be conducted not just once but several times to confirm that you have obtained all the necessary data. Most of the time, people run these searches to see if their partners are really married and have children. This is especially important in cases of divorce. If there are illegitimate children left behind, separating the couple will just take some more time and money.

A simple search for the warrant database is also possible online. You just need to type in the person’s name and state. It will only take about five minutes before you have the entire report. The results will include criminal activity, aliases the person may use, court cases filed against him, as well as warrants for his arrest filed in various states.