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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2766)Union County Police Departments
Union County Courthouse Annex121 South Morgan StreetMorganfieldKY42437270-389-0800
Union County Police Departments
Uniontown City Police Department237 Upper Main StreetUniontownKY42461270-822-4233
Morganfield City Police Department118 East Main StreetMorganfieldKY42437270-389-4357
Sturgis City Police Department524 North Adams StreetSturgisKY42459270-333-2166
Sturgis Police Department306 North Adams StreetSturgisKY42459270-333-2166
Union County Sheriff Department
Union County Sheriffs Department100 West Main StreetMorganfieldKY42437270-389-1303
Union County Probation Department
Union County Probation Department129 North Morgan StreetMorganfieldKY42437270-389-2810
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Find Out About Warrant Records

Warrant Records are important to know if you are ever stopped by the law. These documents tell a lot about the person that was stopped and sometimes, they can even let you know if the person does have warrants out for their arrest. This is information that should be available to all, not just those law enforcement officials that are suppose to be keeping track of warrants. Warrant Records in Union County Kentucky are maintained at the clerk of court in the town of Uniontown. You can contact the clerk of court to see what they will have available to you.

A “warrant” is an arrest warrant. There are many reasons as to why a person may have one. They may be carrying stolen goods, trying to elude authorities, or simply because they are a wanted person. It will all depend on the reasoning of the arresting officer that made the decision to put the person into custody.

The record is full of information that pertains to the person being arrested. This includes the person’s name, current address, any aliases the person may use, their job or employment history, any aliases the person may use, any fixed addresses in the person’s area, any aliases the person may use, and their date of birth. It will also reveal any criminal past that the person may have had. If there are warrants out for the person’s arrest, this will also be on the record.

By obtaining these records through the clerk of court, you can get the information that you need without asking questions. You can find out the person’s legal names, their maiden names, their marriage or divorce records, any financial information such as debts owed, mortgages, liens, and so forth. You can even find out if they have ever been convicted of a crime. If there are no warrants out for their arrest, this will also not show up on the search. This is good information to have.

When searching for a warrant, you should be careful about exactly what information you are searching for. If the person you want to search for a warrant has ever been prosecuted for a crime, then this will definitely come up. If they have never been prosecuted, then there should be no indication on their record. If you only have information on a person’s name, address, or phone number, then you do not have enough information to draw conclusions.

Another way to find warrant records is to go online. There are many sites that can give you all the information you could want. Some sites charge a small fee for this information. You should always take care and research any site you plan to use before paying. That way you do not have to worry if the site you are using is secure.