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(2193)Allen County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Allen County Sheriffs Office194 West Wood StreetScottsvilleKY42164270-237-3210
Allen County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Scottsville Police Department194 West Wood StreetScottsvilleKY42164270-237-3611
Scottsville Police Department192 West Wood StreetScottsvilleKY42164270-237-3611
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Allen County Criminal Records
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Important Warrant Records Information You Need to Know

Warrant Records are public information in Allen County, Kentucky. Warrant Records have always been a part of the legal system of the USA. They are records that have all the necessary data about any person that has been arrested or detained for suspicion of crime. Before the Internet age, these records were maintained by the local police department in each and every county in the USA.

The first Warrant Records in Kentucky were created back in the eighteenth century. This was the era of the “pee wee” system of police work. This was also the era when a lot of men were sent to jail in order to insure against any major outbreak of social disorder or a serious criminal tendency. The “pee wee” system of police work is still in effect today, although it is not as efficient as it use to be due to the fact that many people now tend to become too distrustful of law enforcement and they prefer to go around doing their personal “checks” on people they meet. These days, people hardly bother to take a friend’s word for it when he says that he has seen someone and they have been together before.

As time passes and with the Internet technology taking over the whole world, public records have been transferred into electronic formats. One example is that of the criminal records. These records can be accessed from any computer that has an Internet connection. This can be either through a phone line or through a computer that is hooked up to the Internet through a modem. These records contain information regarding criminal acts, judgments, felony charges and other things pertaining to criminal activity.

This information can often be considered as public domain. If you wish to have access to this information, you will need to go to the court houses where the warrants were issued and request access to them. You will need to prove that you have a legitimate reason for wanting to see the records and that you will not disclose the information. Warrant records are considered to be public domain, and are therefore accessible by any person over eighteen years old who is requesting them, who is a legal resident of the state in which they are requesting the records from.

When a warrant is issued, it is typically used to allow law enforcement to track down someone who has violated the law. For instance, if you were suspected of breaking and entering, a police officer can use a search to try and find evidence that you are in fact the person they are searching for. If there is reasonable suspicion to believe that the person has committed a crime, an arrest warrant will be issued. This warrant gives law enforcement permission to track down the suspect and make an arrest.

It is possible for a warrant to be legally invalidated. In many cases, it is only valid for a certain amount of time before it expires. When it expires, if no one appears to bring the paperwork to renew the warrant, it will be considered illegal and the person will be punished for attempting to go outside their jurisdiction to have the warrant renewed. However, in some instances, criminal activity may still go unnoticed. For this situation, there are services online that offer warrant records search options, allowing you to get criminal history information on any individual at your own convenience.