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Nelson County Probation Department201 Cathedral ManorBardstownKY40004502-348-3714
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Bardstown Police Department212 Plaza DriveBardstownKY40004502-348-3211
Bloomfield Police Department141 Depot StreetBloomfieldKY40008502-252-5235
New Haven City Police302 West Center StreetNew HavenKY40051502-549-3177
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How to Search For Warrant Records

Warrant Records are a part of the public domain and are available for public review in most counties throughout the United States. By having these records available, individuals are able to perform background searches on people that they feel may be suspicious of them. People also use these records to check up on people that babysit their children or are in charge of their properties. Performing a background search with these records is often a good way to see if you have any warrants out for your arrest.

Warrant records are defined as a “writ of possession” which gives the police the authority to arrest someone on suspicion of a crime. The records list the name, age, physical description, and current address of the person who is accused of the crime. They also show the names and current addresses of all other parties involved in the case. Searching through these records does not reveal anything that will help you decide if you should arrest the person.

If you are a law enforcement officer making an arrest, these records will be crucial to your investigation. If you are searching for information regarding any specific person, it is necessary to get an arrest warrant issued by a judge. You must then go through the process of getting a warrant issued through the court. Once the warrant is granted by the judge, you are then legally allowed to arrest that person and once they are arrested, they are then taken back to jail pending trial.

If the suspect has previous criminal records, then you can also find out if they have ever been arrested for breaking any type of law. You can find out all of this information simply by performing a search of the person’s name through the internet. There are many companies that offer online access to warrant records. These companies all purchase criminal records from the various courthouse around the country. After purchasing the record from the courthouse, they then turn around and sell it to you to be able to search through. There are even some companies that allow you to access the record as a free search.

By doing a nationwide search, you are able to pull up all criminal records for any state or county. If you perform a search by name, then you will only pull up records of a person in that state. If you perform a search by address, then you are able to pull up records of anyone who has ever lived at this address. Performing a nationwide search will help you investigate the background of a new neighbor, new boyfriend, or even new boss. You can even perform a background search on a business that you are thinking of starting up. A background check is a very simple and quick method that will give you peace of mind.

Warrant records are not available online. This is because these are protected documents and cannot be released over the internet. It is extremely important that you do a search for these records in order to ensure the safety of yourself and your family. Having criminal records can put you in serious danger. If you become a victim of a crime, you may not know where to turn.