Background Hawk is here to teach you everything about performing background checks, either using manual online services, or by doing your own research and “sleuthing”.

There are more and more people looking to use these services to find out if someone they know is really who they are supposed to be.

This could be someone you’ve met online or someone you’ve met in person. Do you suspect your date is really married? Do you want to check if your daughter’s boyfriend has a criminal record? Need to know if your new Nanny has been to prison? These are some of the things background checks can show.

The Services

While we don’t provide the services ourselves, what we do instead is review them all and recommend the best ones for you. Some of them are more thorough than others, so it’s important to know which provides the most bang for buck!

Head on over to our Advanced Background Check page if you want to learn more about the various services, what they show, how long they take, and follow links to various reviews. You can also use on the services directly right on the page (our number 1 recommendation).

This is the starting point for anyone who’s looking to learn more about checking somebody out. You can even decide if its ethical and whether or not it’s for you.

Our Blog

As well as writing about the services we review, we cover a lot of other topics relevant to the background check and dating safety fields. It’s important that you have your questions answered and know whether or not a background check is really necessary, which is why we put out the content that we do.

Currently we have topics on dating and on general background check information, but we’ll be branching out and adding sections on specific industries, such as babysitting/childcare and more.

If you have an idea for something for us to cover, get in touch!

Getting In Touch

If you have a specific question for us, or there’s something you’d like reviewed, you can get in touch in several ways:

1.) Comment on the blog (let others benefit from your questions).

2.) Send us a message via the contact page.

The best option is to comment, as you’ll get a response much sooner, but we do actively read and (try to) respond to everyone who submits a message via the contact form as well.



The Background Hawk Team