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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2606)Clark County Police Departments
Casey Police Department108 East Main StreetCaseyIL62420217-932-2800
Clark County Police Departments
Marshall Police Department201 South Michigan AvenueMarshallIL62441217-826-8081
Martinsville Police Department19 West Cumberland StreetMartinsvilleIL62442217-382-4023
Westfield Police Department415 North Washington StreetWestfieldIL62474217-967-5411
Westfield Police Department330 West Mulberry StreetWestfieldIL62474217-967-5319
Clark County Sheriff Department
Clark County Sheriffs Department / Clark County Jail207 North 5th StreetMarshallIL62441217-826-6393
Clark County Probation Department
Clark County Probation Department501 Archer AvenueMarshallIL62441217-826-5131
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The Basics of How to Search For Worthy Criminal Records Online

If you are trying to find public records in Clark County, Illinois then you should know that there are two different types of public records. The first is the civil record, which is available for viewing anytime during office hours and can be requested from any location in the county. All police arrest records, court records, death records, birth records, marriage records, divorce records and more are public record. The second type of public record is the criminal record and this can only be viewed or ordered by a judge, or by the police department.

Searching for any type of public record is basically the same as looking for any other record. You will need the persons name, date of birth, address, phone number and other identifying information. In order to obtain these types of records you will have to go through many administrative processes with various government agencies. However, if you want to conduct a quick and easy search of someone’s criminal records then you can simply use your favorite search engine to do it online.

It is very simple, you just enter the persons name into the search box of a website that offers criminal history records search and you will get back a list of links to the public records that are related to the person. For instance, if you are interested in checking to see if there are warrants out for your neighbors name, you would type “warrants” into the search box and see what popped up. If the person you are searching for has a criminal record then you will see that his or her name appears multiple times on different warrants. This can give you an idea that something may be going on and give you an idea if you should be worried.

You should always be careful when searching the internet to find personal details about another person. You never really know who you are getting the information from. If you are using a public records search to check up on someone then you should always use caution. Just because the person you are searching has a good or bad criminal record doesn’t mean that they aren’t also capable of doing bad things. You just need to be cautious and do a background check on them.

You should also make sure that you do not give out this information over the internet if you don’t want to get yourself into a heap of trouble. Also remember that the only time you will be able to find out a persons entire criminal past is when they have their warrants out for their arrest. When this happens then you will be able to find out exactly what happened during their lifetime and also whom they have been involved with.

These types of records should always be kept in safe storage away from the general public. You can hire a private detective to get these records but the prices tend to be very expensive. They also take time to gather all of the information and usually the results are not complete. That is why the warrant records are so important; they act as a safeguard so that people can be safe. If you are ever in doubt at any point, just use a reputable background record service to help you.