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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(3032)Washington County Police Departments
Ashley Police Department474 West Main StreetAshleyIL62808618-485-2270
Washington County Police Departments
Irvington Police Department204 East Huron StreetIrvingtonIL62848618-249-6225
Nashville Police Department875 South Mill StreetNashvilleIL62263618-327-8232
Okawville Police Department304 North Front StreetOkawvilleIL62271618-243-5972
Washington County Sheriff Departments
Washington County Sheriff / Washington County Jail245 North Kaskaskia StreetNashvilleIL62263618-327-8273
Washington County Sheriff's Office245 North Kaskaskia StreetNashvilleIL62263618-327-8273
Washington County Probation Department
Washington County Probation Department245 North Kaskaskia StreetNashvilleIL62263618-327-4800
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The Basic Information on Warrant Records

When a person is arrested, it is important to find out about the person’s personal record and to know about any warrants that might be out for their arrest. This is called a “warrant record” and is one of the main legal documents in the United States. It records all of a person’s conviction and arrest record and related convictions for all of the state and federal offenses that he or she may have committed.

In some cases, these documents may also include information about prior felonies. If a person’s record is considered public record, then other people can search it. They do this by requesting it through the courts, or by using special computers designed to access these records. By law, these records must be available to anyone who requests them, except if they contain private information. However, the general public has access to many types of this information, including searches of marriage records, divorce records, birth records, and other vital records.

Searching a warrant record is not easy and usually requires a lawyer or other professional. If you want to search the warrant, it is important to remember the person’s name, his or her address, date of arrest, the criminal charges against the person, and the validity of the warrants. If a warrant for your own arrest is outstanding, you should get it sealed until it is served. However, if there is an outstanding warrant out for your own arrest, it can be difficult to find out about it unless you go to the court house yourself and arrange to see the records.

There are some ways to do this on your own, without a lawyer. The easiest way is to use the courts themselves. By searching their databases of pleadings and past court cases, you can quickly find out the details of a person’s legal case and the status of any warrants out for his or her arrest. There are also services that offer this search online for a fee, but these services are only available to people who have access to databases of local court cases. You may also try searching online through websites that offer a free search or through the court’s website itself.

Warrant records can also be searched online through the Central Records System (CRIS). This database contains all the official court records in the United States and is accessible to people through the Internet. All you need to do is provide the person’s name, date of birth and social security number, and within a few seconds, the records will be provided. You should note that although this is a database that is accessible to people, the information it contains is restricted, as it is public and may be used for investigation purposes.

There are various ways to go about checking whether a person has a warrant out for his or her arrest. If you suspect your neighbor or employee of wrongdoing, you can search for his or her warrant records. There are websites that allow you to search for warrant records on your computer or on a website. If you are planning to hire a driver, you can ask the company for the person’s driving records. You can also perform a warrant check on any business that you feel may be a threat, such as banks, casinos and day care centers.

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