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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2993)Tazewell County Police Departments
Armington Police Department103 South Main StreetArmingtonIL61721309-392-3154
Tazewell County Police Departments
Creve Coeur Police Department105 North Thorncrest AvenueCreve CoeurIL61610309-699-9511
Deer Creek Police Department101 West 1st AvenueDeer CreekIL61733309-447-6265
Deer Creek Police Department102 East 1st AvenueDeer CreekIL61733309-447-6265
Delavan Police Department219 South Locust StreetDelavanIL61734309-244-8226
East Peoria Police Department201 West Washington StreetEast PeoriaIL61611309-698-4700
Fon Du Lac Park District Police Dept201 Veterans DriveEast PeoriaIL61611309-303-2969
Green Valley Police Department109 East Main StreetGreen ValleyIL61534309-352-3590
Hopedale Police Department101 Southeast Main StreetHopedaleIL61747309-449-6018
Hopedale Police Department115 Northeast 2nd StreetHopedaleIL61747309-449-6018
Mackinaw Police Department100 East Fast AvenueMackinawIL61755309-359-5821
Marquette Heights Police Department715 Lincoln RoadMarquette HeightsIL61554309-382-3404
Minier Police Department110 West Central StreetMinierIL61759309-392-2442
Morton Police Department131 South Plum AvenueMortonIL61550309-266-6666
Morton Police Department375 West Birchwood StreetMortonIL61550309-266-6666
North Pekin Police Department318 North Main StreetMarquette HeightsIL61554309-382-3412
Pekin Park District Police Department1701 Court StreetPekinIL61554309-353-7220
Pekin Police Department111 South Capitol StreetPekinIL61554309-477-2336
South Pekin Police Department208 West Main StreetManitoIL61546309-348-3999
South Pekin Village Police Department208 Main StreetSouth PekinIL61564309-348-3656
Tremont Police Department211 South Sampson StreetTremontIL61568309-925-3600
Washington Police Department115 West Jefferson StreetWashingtonIL61571309-444-2313
Tazewell County Sheriff Departments
Tazewell County Sheriff / Tazewell County Jail101 South Capitol StreetPekinIL61554309-346-4141
Tazewell County Sheriff's Office101 South Capitol StreetPekinIL61554309-478-5607
Tazewell County Probation Department
Tazewell County Probation Department334 Elizabeth StreetPekinIL61554309-477-2281
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Warrant Records Are All the Same

Tazewell County Illinois, like the rest of Illinois, is a very private and selective in regards to the way they maintain their public records. Warrant Records in Tazewell County can only be viewed by those employees of the county who are assigned to maintain public records or the courts, by order of the circuit court. People are not able to obtain these records online nor are they able to get them at the county courthouse in the City of North Chicago, but they can be obtained via the state’s Divorce Records in the City of Winnetu. There are also other states that have some sort of “Warrant Check” database available to their residents which they can search from their computer, and the same applies to the rest of Illinois.

When a person’s name is put into the National Sex Offender Registry, it goes on to say where the person was convicted of a sex offense. This is done as an attempt to keep track of all sex offenders across the country to help prevent future victims from being sexually assaulted. But what many people don’t know is that each sex offense has its own unique entry within this database. If a person is convicted of a felony in one state and for a misdemeanor in another state, the details regarding each will be entirely different. And because a person’s criminal history is considered public record, any member of the public can request access to this information.

So why would anyone want access to such records? One of the most common reasons is to obtain a copy of someone’s public record to check on their own criminal background. For example, let’s say you’re applying for a job and you’re wondering if a potential employer will see your criminal history. You could request a copy of your record from the government and then search it on the internet to see if there are any red flags. If you run into a person with a similar name, but a clean public record, then maybe you should give them a chance.

Accessing these records can also be beneficial if you need to find out more about a person. For example, let’s say you’re dating someone online and you want to verify that they really are who they say they are. You could try and find their social security number from an online directory and then perform a background check on them. This could also be useful if you suspect your partner has been cheating on you.

The main reason that people would seek out access to warrant records is to investigate a person. If you’re a parent, then you may want to obtain a warrant search to ensure that your teenager isn’t receiving guidance from someone who is wanted on a warrant. If you’re a small business owner and you’re thinking about hiring someone to work at your home, then you may obtain a warrant search to make sure that the person doesn’t have a previous crime against them.

Obtaining these records online is very easy. There are free websites where you can obtain some basic information. But if you want to see detailed information, then you’ll probably want to visit a paid website. Most people want to know if a person has a warrant out for their arrest. Whether you have a good reason or not for searching the public records, it’s still a good idea to do so. These warrant records are available and readily available to the public.

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