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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2879)Mason County Police Departments
Mason City Police Department142 South Main StreetMasonIL62664217-482-3630
Mason County Police Departments
Easton Police Department104 South 1st StreetEastonIL62633309-562-7610
Forest City Police Department201 North Main StreetForest CityIL61532309-597-2313
Havana Police Department226 West Market StreetHavanaIL62644309-543-3321
Kilbourne Police Department507 Walnut StreetKilbourneIL62655309-538-9338
Manito Police Department101 East Market StreetManitoIL61546309-968-6010
Manito Police Department109 North Broadway StreetForest CityIL61532309-968-6010
San Jose Police Department311 South 2nd StreetSan JoseIL62682309-247-1234
Mason County Sheriff Department
Mason County Sheriffs Department / Mason County Jail102 West Market StreetHavanaIL62644309-543-2231
Mason County Probation Department
Mason County Probation Department125 North Plum StreetHavanaIL62644309-543-3293
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The Purpose Of Searching For Warrant Records

If you are involved in any criminal activity, whether it be felony or misdemeanor, you should have your own copy of the warrants that have been filed against you. Warrant records are a part of all criminal activity in Mason County. If you are someone who is regularly involved in criminal activity such as drug dealing or prostitution, you should make sure that you know where to find these records and what to do with them once you obtain them. Warrant records are civil matters that deal with the right of individuals to privacy. They will show if a person has been arrested for a crime or violation. The information will also show when and where the arrest was made, if it was for a misdemeanor or felony.

When there is probable cause to believe that a person has committed a crime, an arrest warrant will be issued. The warrant will state the crime that has been committed and the date that it was served. It will also include any other information that is pertinent to the case. If the person does not obey the order to appear, they can be arrested and held in jail until their warrant is served.

People will typically not have a copy of their warrant records because it is not considered a public record. Instead, it is kept in a county office or police station, which holds the records on criminals who have been convicted of committing crimes and have served their jail time. These records are considered public domain, so anyone who is interested can access them. This means that if you want to obtain the criminal activity record of someone, you will have to go to the proper authorities, such as a police station or state’s attorney’s office.

You may wonder why someone would want to check the records of another person. There are many reasons that people would want to do this. If they think they are suspicious that a friend or co-worker has a criminal background, they can run a criminal background search on the person to see if they have a warrant for their arrest.

If you have reason to believe that a person is not following the law by any means, you can use the warrant to have access to all the criminal activity that person has been involved in. You do not even have to show evidence of the crime that they committed in order to have access to these records. A simple search will give you all the information that you need. You can even find out the address and phone number for the person if it is available.

Another reason that people may want to do a search is if they think their partner has been cheating on them. If you want to know the person who is doing all the suspicious activities in the relationship, you will be able to use a search to find out all the criminal activity that he or she has been involved in. You will know the aliases the person uses and their birthdates. If you are concerned about your partner being unfaithful, you can use the warrants to have access to everything that you need to know so you can confront your partner if you are not happy with the information that you are seeing.