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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2870)Lawrence County Police Departments
Lawrenceville Police Department700 State StreetLawrencevilleIL62439618-943-4946
Lawrence County Police Departments
Bridgeport Police Department235 Washington StreetBridgeportIL62417618-945-2351
St. Francisville Police DeptMain StreetSt. FrancisvilleIL62460618-943-5766
Sumner Police Department129 East South AvenueSumnerIL62466618-936-2221
Lawrence County Sheriff Department
Lawrence County Sheriffs Department / Lawrence County Jail1306 Lexington AvenueLawrencevilleIL62439618-943-8094
Lawrence County Probation Department
Lawrence County Probation Department1100 State StreetLawrencevilleIL62439618-943-2841
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Overview of Warrant Records

If you want to conduct a criminal background check on a person, you have two main options; search for information through the State’s Criminal Records or conduct an individual search with the help of Warrant Records in Lawrence County. There is a third option, but it is not really mainstream in use any longer; this option is to utilize the services of a private detective or private investigator. Private investigators use databases that are regularly updated and maintain on an individual, such as public records and other online resources. The only disadvantage of using private investigators is that they can be very expensive and time consuming.

Searching through the State’s Criminal Records can prove to be fruitful and less time consuming when you do the proper research. However, the information you get will not be very accurate. This is because records are maintained by different offices around the state and county and are prone to error. These errors could possibly give a wrong impression about a person. Therefore, it is advisable to perform an authorized search from official government web sites for reliable information.

Another source of information for records of criminal activities are the various court houses. Most of these courthouses maintain electronic databases, which are quite frequently updated. However, this source could prove to be more time consuming and costly if you want to search for a person’s record of criminal activities. This is because a person’s name may be entered into the system incorrectly by mistake.

Another reliable way of obtaining such information is through the various public records available on the internet. In fact, there are many commercial record providers that list criminal records of a person for the public. You could easily access such websites. All you have to do is pay a small amount of money for the records and you will have access to all types of information about the person in question. You need not worry about confidentiality issue as most commercial record providers are quite reputable and maintain great confidentiality. The cost of such records is also comparatively lower compared to the State-wide public records.

Warrant records are normally used by law enforcement agencies and other law-enforcing authorities to identify and supervise the activities of people who are suspected of committing crimes. For instance, if the suspect is a habitual offender, the law enforcing agency will use the person’s social security number to identify the person. This is one of the most common uses of the search. If a person has been convicted of a crime, his or her name will be registered in the system.

There are times when a person’s name could be registered in the system even if he or she is not charged with any crime. If there is a warrant out for your arrest, you will find out about it at some point. It is prudent to carry a copy of the warrant with you wherever you go. You should ensure that the copies you get are accurate copies and complete and accurate details about the person in question. If you have any doubts about the details of the warrant, you can check with the local police authority or Federal Bureau of Investigation. These authorities usually maintain these databases on their own.