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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2718)Gallatin County Police Departments
Old Shawneetown Police Department332 Washington StreetShawneetownIL62984618-269-3415
Gallatin County Police Departments
Ridgway Police Department110 North Crawford StreetRidgwayIL62979618-272-3351
Shawneetown Police Department303 Lincoln Boulevard EastShawneetownIL62984618-269-3018
Gallatin County Sheriff Departments
Gallatin County Sheriff Department484 Lincoln Boulevard EastShawneetownIL62984618-269-3137
Gallatin County Sheriff's OfficePO Box 340ShawneetownIL62984618-269-3137
Gallatin County Probation Department
Gallatin County Probation DepartmentPO Box 249ShawneetownIL62984618-287-8891
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Warrant Records in Gallatin County, Illinois are one of the most sensitive public records maintained by the Government. The reasons for this are that warrants can be filed for and served to a person without their knowledge or even their approval. If one is not able to serve the documents on time then they will automatically be ignored, which leaves no other option but to have the documents served until they are found. This leaves a burden on the local courts trying to keep up with the growth in the number of warrants that are issued for crimes each year.

Warrant Records in Gallatin County contain such personal information as a person’s date of birth, social security number, any contact information, and any place of employment. The list goes on. People living under the age of 18 can also be arrested without a warrant, but only after three months of continuous residency within the city limits and a police report has been filed with the clerk of court. People living out of state can be arrested and the warrant carried forward to the jurisdiction where the person may reside.

The main purpose of keeping detailed records on warrants is to make it easier for law enforcement officials to locate people wanted on warrants and to catch fugitives from justice. There are two major ways that this information is obtained. One is the traditional way, wherein a person requests the records through the courts and the other is online. If a person wishes to acquire warrant records for free then they need to approach the courthouse and file an application. Depending on the clerk of court there will be a minimal fee, which is applied when one applies for the record.

There are various records that are recorded on a person once they have been served with a warrant. Some of them include criminal records, driving records, public records, and so on. These records are kept in separate folders, which are named according to what they pertain to. For instance, criminal records are stored in a crime folder while divorce papers will be stored under a marital folder. Public records such as birth, marriage, death and anything else that is related to legal matters are stored under the public records folder.

In order to obtain any public record, the person in question must undergo a background check. This is done by the courts, which verify the information provided and if it is true, the person’s record will be released. If not, then the person has to go back to the courts and file for a retraction. This process can take months, which is why most people opt for a professional agency.

Aside from a record, an individual can also get background checks and court documents by searching online. This is very convenient since the search can be done from anywhere and at anytime that the person feels like doing it. It does not matter if the person is at home, at work or anywhere else since they can still look up the person they want using their computer. The whole process only takes a few minutes, and it is completely free of charge.

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