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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2878)Marshall County Police Departments
Henry Police Department218 Railroad AvenueHenryIL61537309-364-3933
Marshall County Police Departments
Lacon Police Department406 5th StreetLaconIL61540309-246-2325
Toluca Police Department102 North Main StreetTolucaIL61369815-452-2415
Wenona Police Department226 North Chestnut StreetWenonaIL61377815-853-4351
Wenona Police Department205 South Walnut StreetWenonaIL61377815-853-4227
Marshall County Sheriff Departments
Marshall County Sheriff / Marshall County Jail520 6th StreetLaconIL61540309-246-2115
Marshall County Sheriff's Office520 6th StreetLaconIL61540309-246-2115
Marshall County Probation Department
Marshall County Probation DepartmentPO Box 328LaconIL61540309-246-8604
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Important Warrant Records Search Information

The public arrest records in Marshall County, Illinois contain all criminal and civil arrests that have been logged as a result of a formal arrest by the police department. This includes details about the arresting officers, the crime that has been committed, and other relevant information regarding the case. Arrest records are considered public information and are easily accessible online.

Wards is one of the largest counties in Illinois. It is located in the central part of Illinois, between the towns of Barrington and Joliet. Its population constitutes around 5 million people. One of its most popular attractions is its beautiful landscape that is mainly seen during winters when the snowflakes begin to fall.

In order to perform a search on a person’s arrest record, an authorized person (usually a county clerk or a senior justice court official) will request for such records from the local police station where the crime had happened. They will then be submitted to the local government. From these documents, the authorities will be able to tell if the person was arrested on a warrant for his/her arrest. A warrant is a legal term that refers to any official document that is issued by a court and has the power to execute some duties not included in the person’s powers of attorney. If such a warrant is present, the person has to face criminal charges for the warrant unless otherwise stated in the document.

Warrant records in Illinois state that the arrest records were placed in the record books so that everyone could make use of them for whatever legitimate purposes that they may have. It is also necessary to keep such records updated since violations on the privileges of citizens can now be punished according to the law. However, anyone can conduct a search on any person’s arrest record since the law allows it. Searching for someone’s records is very easy nowadays. There are specialized companies (that we will talk later on) that offer easy-to-use searches for any person’s criminal arrest records.

When performing a search on a person’s record, there may be different reasons for doing so. These records are usually obtained through the state criminal justice department. It is important that you understand your rights especially when it comes to the right to privacy when it comes to your own records. People who are suspected of a crime may have their records expunged if the suspect is proven innocent by the state. However, there are cases where the person’s record will remain open for public viewing provided that the person gives permission by signing up for a database that contains their personal details.

If you are conducting a search for warrant records, it is vital to make sure that you only go to the right place. For starters, you should only go to the official government website of your state because there are also some private companies that offer warrant records online. This is important because of privacy issues. However, it should also be noted that the warrant records in your local area might not be available for free due to local regulations. If you can, it would be better to pay for it so that you will get the records for your financial convenience. However, if you do not have enough budget, there is no harm in searching for them for free so that you can check your local jurisdiction if the person you want to search is legally present in your area.

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