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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2928)Montgomery County Police Departments
Coffeen Police Department107 Locust StreetCoffeenIL62017217-534-2216
Montgomery County Police Departments
Donnellson Police Department407 Jefferson StreetDonnellsonIL62019217-532-9511
Harvel Police Department201 Main StreetHarvelIL62538217-229-3422
Hillsboro Police Department447 South Main StreetHillsboroIL62049217-532-6129
Illinois State Police District 18102 Illinois 16LitchfieldIL62056217-324-4900
Irving Police Department110 State StreetIrvingIL62051217-533-4601
Litchfield Police Department120 East Ryder StreetLitchfieldIL62056217-324-5991
Nokomis Police Department22 South Cedar StreetNokomisIL62075217-563-2141
Raymond Police Department305 East Broad StreetRaymondIL62560217-532-9511
Taylor Springs Police Department626 East Main StreetTaylor SpringsIL62089217-532-2552
Witt Police Department106 West Broadway StreetWittIL62094217-594-2813
Montgomery County Sheriff Department
Montgomery County Sheriff Office / Montgomery County Jail140 North Main StreetHillsboroIL62049217-532-9511
Montgomery County Probation Department
Montgomery County Probation Department120 North Main StreetHillsboroIL62049217-532-9506
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How to Search For Warrant Records

Warrant records are one of the most sensitive categories of public records. They show you exactly what the person you’re investigating did while you were not even there. People search for these types of things all the time, because no one wants to get arrested for something they didn’t do, but they can be legally prevented from doing it. Warrant records let you know if someone was arrested and or convicted for the crime of your choice.

Searching through the public records can be frustrating because there is a lot of information that is considered private, and there are a lot of people that have access to it. Some of the reasons that people search these records is for jobs, background checks, or new neighbors. If you’ve been accused of something, you will certainly want to have access to this information quickly. In order to do that, you need to know where to look.

It seems that the most effective way to find out about these records is to use a search engine. Simply type in the person’s name, then hit search. Most likely you will get results that will give you the exact charges, along with the date that the warrant was issued. However, none of the sites that you find will tell you why the warrant was issued in the first place.

Sometimes the search engine will give you links to other public records, which is great, but that search in itself isn’t enough. You need to check the official government site for warrants. In fact, you should actually visit their site, and then search from there. This might require some digging, but you can save yourself quite a bit of time. It just requires you to know where to look.

There are two primary public record databases in the state of Illinois, and the city of Champaign. Each of them has their own little something different. The city of Champaign has one database, while the state of Illinois has theirs. Even though the state has their database, you should still go to their website, because they have more current information.

Once you get to the website, simply type in the person’s name that you want to look up. Then hit search, and sit back while the system weeds out all of the possible matches. It might take a few minutes to come up with something, so be patient. Then when you have found what you were looking for, you can either download it to your computer, or print it out, if you wish. The prints can be used later on if you ever need to re-search, or to print out anything else.