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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2818)Kendall County Police Departments
Oswego Police Department3525 U.s. 34OswegoIL60543630-554-1160
Kendall County Police Departments
Plano Police Department9 East North StreetPlanoIL60545630-552-3122
Yorkville Police Department804 Game Farm RoadYorkvilleIL60560630-553-4340
Kendall County Sheriff Departments
Kendall County Sheriff / Kendall County Jail1102 Cornell LaneYorkvilleIL60560630-553-7500
Kendall County Sheriff's Office1102 Cornell LaneYorkvilleIL60560630-553-7500
Kendall County Probation Department
Kendall County Probation Department807 John StreetYorkvilleIL60560630-553-4180
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Joliet Police Department Website
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Kendall County Circuit Clerk Court Records
Kendall County Criminal Records
Kendall County Jail Records
Kendall County Most Wanted
Kendall County Office of The Sheriff Civil Process Division Website
Kendall County Pistol Permits & Gun Licenses
Kendall County Sex Offender Registry
Kendall County Sheriff Property Records
Kendall County Sheriff's Office Offender Search
Kendall County Sheriff's Office Website
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Warrant Records Search Tips

Warrant Records in Kendall County are not as easy to come by as you may think. You see, there is no circuit court in Illinois, thus there is no way for these records to be found and displayed online for anyone to have a look at. However, there are many online companies that have databases of warrants that are regularly updated so that you can easily access this information any time you want.

If you are looking up someone’s background in the hope of catching a criminal, it is important to understand that you will most likely need to go through much of the same process as if you were to get a criminal record on your own person. This is because, in most states, all warrants must be approved before they can be searched. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that the warrants are properly applied for and that the documents are submitted on time. If you happen to have a outstanding warrant, you should contact your local courthouse immediately and let them know that you would like to check the status. They may be able to provide you with the information that you need.

If you are an employer who is searching up information regarding an applicant, you will also be required to go through much of the same process. However, you will only be able to obtain the most basic information such as name and address. More detailed information such as current address, criminal history, marriage status and more cannot be obtained. Thus, you should ensure that you follow the law when searching through these records.

For the general public, there are actually two ways to search for and obtain access to warrants. The first is to go through the local police station in your area, which is usually free. The other option is to use one of the online databases that have been established to help out the public with various tasks, such as searching for these records. Most of these services require a small fee, though. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended that you use one of the services that charge fees to be sure that you are getting the best service possible.

There are several different types of warrant records available, depending on what is being searched. Some of these include criminal records, arrest records, probation records, driving records and even financial records. In other words, if you want to find out information about someone, you can usually do so through one of these online databases. In addition to the basic information provided above, many of these sites allow users to run a full background check, including any warrants that they may have.

Many people assume that being arrested for a warrant means that they will be immediately released. This is not always the case, however. Depending on the jurisdiction, some warrants will have a time limit before they become effective. If you do run into this problem, you may be advised to go back to court so that they can issue a warrant of arrest. Fortunately, there is usually a short waiting period before a warrant is active. Therefore, it is usually a good idea to simply obey the law and search for the information that you need.

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