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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2605)Christian County Police Departments
Assumption Police Department110 West 2nd StreetAssumptionIL62510217-226-4060
Christian County Police Departments
Edinburg Police Department205 West Washington StreetEdinburgIL62531217-623-4101
Kincaid Police Department115 Central AvenueKincaidIL62540217-237-5568
Kincaid Police Department702 Dial StreetKincaidIL62540217-237-5568
Morrisonville City Hall307 Southeast 6th StreetMorrisonvilleIL62546217-526-3521
Morrisonville Police Department307 Southeast 6th StreetMorrisonvilleIL62546217-526-3521
Mount Auburn Police Department312 South Broad StreetMount AuburnIL62547217-676-2006
Pana Police Department118 East 3rd StreetPanaIL62557217-562-2141
Stonington Police Department416 North Main StreetStoningtonIL62567217-325-4221
Taylorville Police Department108 West Vine StreetTaylorvilleIL62568217-824-2211
Christian County Sheriff Department
Christian County Sheriff301 West Franklin StreetTaylorvilleIL62568217-824-4961
Christian County Probation Department
Christian County Probation Department111 West Franklin StreetTaylorvilleIL62568217-824-4831
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Will a Criminal Records Check Result in a Jail Record?

If you are involved in any criminal proceedings, whether you are being charged with a crime or are involved in a civil lawsuit, you will want to be aware of what is called a “warrant record.” A warrant is a court document that authorized someone to carry out an order for arrest or to detain a person. It is similar to a traffic ticket, but instead of a driver being cited for a violation, the citation is for failure to appear at a bench trial as ordered by a judge.

While warrants are not used by most police officers on their daily walks, it is possible to get one. In the event that you are arrested for any type of crime, the arresting officer will most likely have a copy of a criminal report on you. Depending on the jurisdiction in which the offense was reported, the records may also be obtained from the police station or judicial branch of the state. For instance, if you were arrested in Cook County, a copy of your official Cook County record is likely to be kept in their records.

Having a warrant does not necessarily mean that a person has been arrested. A warrant can be for a variety of reasons, ranging from not having sufficient funds to buy food to theft. Depending on the jurisdiction, a warrant may only be issued for an indeterminate period of time, after which the warrant will be revoked. An arrest warrant will remain on a person’s permanent record until a court issues a warrant for arrest of that person. This means that if you are wanted on a warrant, you can be sure that you will be arrested once you show up in court – this is not the case for a misdemeanor or a summary offense.

In Illinois, as in many other states, criminal defense attorney retention is not required if you choose to proceed with a pretrial criminal defense search. However, you should inform your defense attorney if you intend to proceed with a search. There are several warrant records providers that maintain the criminal records you are looking for, and they can be contacted by phone, fax, or e-mail to perform the search for you. Once you have the records that you need, you will be able to view them online through your Illinois criminal defense lawyer’s website.

Although it is possible to access these records, most people prefer to hire a professional to do the search for them. For many reasons, a professional will be more likely to find the information you are looking for. For one, they have access to national databases that the average individual may not know exist. If a person lives in a small town, they may not know that the local police department maintains a repository of national crime data.

If you suspect that you are a victim of a warrant, you should contact the Naperville Police Department or the Circuit Attorney’s Office in your area. They will conduct an investigation to see if you are legally authorized to search the person’s record. If they find that you are not, they will advise you of your right to obtain a copy of the person’s criminal history. You will usually have to pay a minimal fee for the records. If you choose to do this online, you may also be billed for the search.