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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Montgomery County Clerk Offices
Montgomery County ClerkPO Box 595HillsboroIL62049217-532-9530
Irving Village Clerk110 State StreetIrvingIL62051217-533-4345
Litchfield City Clerk120 East Ryder StreetLitchfieldIL62056217-324-2022
Nokomis City Clerk22 South Cedar StreetNokomisIL62075217-563-2514
Raymond Village Clerk305 West Broad StreetRaymondIL62560217-229-4516
Witt City Clerk106 West Broadway StreetWittIL62094217-594-2814
Montgomery County Town & City Halls
Coffeen City Hall107 Locust StreetCoffeenIL62017217-534-2216
Harvel Village Town Hall201 Main StreetHarvelIL62538217-229-3422
Hillsboro City Hall447 South Main StreetHillsboroIL62049217-532-5566
Litchfield City Hall120 East Ryder StreetLitchfieldIL62056217-324-4212
North Litchfield Town Hall210 West Kirkham StreetLitchfieldIL62056217-324-4635
Montgomery County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Historical Society of Montgomery County Website
Montgomery County Clerk and Recorder Website
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Montgomery County Clerk's Office Marriage Applications
Montgomery County Divorce Certificates
Montgomery County Genealogy Records
Montgomery County Illinois Clerk and Recorder's Office Death Records
Montgomery County Marriage Certificates & Records
Montgomery County Recorder's Office Veterans Records


Married Couples5,696 (50.7%)
Unmarried Couples754 (3.0%)
Never Married Men4,446 (34.9%)
Never Married Women2,062 (17.7%)
Separated Men257 (2.0%)
Separated Women93 (0.8%)
Widowed Men373 (2.9%)
Widowed Women1,594 (13.7%)
Divorced Men1,762 (13.8%)
Divorced Women1,541 (13.3%)

Where To Look Up Marriage Records In Montgomery County

Are you looking for the marriage records of someone that you are interested in for some reason? Maybe you want to check up on your genealogy, or maybe you want to find out the truth about someone you just met. Whatever your reason is, being able to access these records is not only free but can be done from the comfort of your home in the state of Illinois. All you need to do is visit the records office in Montgomery County where the wedding took place.

A great place to start your search for the records you are looking for is the county where the wedding took place. Many people have this idea that they should start their search with the marriage records, but the fact of the matter is that there are several other records that are going to come up. The records office will tell you which of these records you need to search through before you can search for the marriage records you are interested in.

There are many different ways to access these records. You can do a search using the Internet on one of the many paid record search sites. Some of these record search sites may charge you a fee, but most of them will let you do an unlimited number of searches for a flat one-time fee. The beauty of using the Internet for your search is that you have access to many sources in many different states.

There are also some websites that specialize in providing county-by-county information on marriage records. These types of websites have been established to give people and businesses a great resource for any county in the US. If you need to look up marriage records in a specific state, this is one of the easiest ways to get your hands on all the information you are looking for.

You can search for marriage records by using the person’s name or date of birth, the social security number of the person, or simply use the last name. You will be able to get the person’s full name as well as the social security number. If you need to look up records of someone who has moved recently, you may wish to visit the records office located at the county seat of the State. This way you will be able to find all the information you are searching for in just a matter of minutes.

If you need to look up marriage records that are not from the state you are from, there are also free sources available. Many of the local libraries in the area contain free records of marriage and divorce records. The Cook County records office also offers the ability to download free records to a personal computer. If you do have the funds to spend a small fee to access these records, the Cook County public records website is one of the best sources for you to research any matter of record you need.