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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Franklin County Clerk Offices
Franklin County Clerk101 Munson StreetGreenfieldMA1301413-774-5535
Bernardston Town Clerk108 Northfield RoadBernardstonMA1337413-648-5408
Erving Town Clerk12 East Main StreetErvingMA1344978-544-2765
Gill Town Clerk325 Main RoadGillMA1354413-863-8103
Greenfield Clerk14 Court SquareGreenfieldMA1301413-772-1503
Leverett Town Clerk9 Montague RoadLeverettMA1054413-548-9150
Massachusetts State Clerk425 Main StreetGreenfieldMA1301413-774-2229
New Salem Town Clerk15 South Main StreetNew SalemMA1355978-544-2731
Orange Clerk1 Court SqOrangeMA1364978-544-8277
Sunderland Town Clerk12 School StreetSunderlandMA1375413-665-1440
Warwick Town Clerk12 Athol RoadWarwickMA1378978-544-8304
Whately Town Clerk218 CHESTNUT PLAIN RdWhatelyMA1093413-665-0054
Franklin County Town & City Halls
Conway Town Hall32 Main StreetConwayMA1341413-369-4235
Gill Town Hall360 Main RoadGillMA1354413-863-2591
Hawley Town Hall8 Pudding Hollow RoadHawleyMA1339413-339-5518
Heath Town Hall1 East Main StreetHeathMA1346413-337-4934
Leyden Town Hall16 West Leyden RoadLeydenMA1337413-774-4111
Monroe Town Hall3 School StreetMonroe BridgeMA1350413-424-5272
New Salem Town Hall15 South Main StreetNew SalemMA1355978-544-2731
Orange Town Hall6 Prospect StreetOrangeMA1364978-544-1100
Rowe Town Hall321 Zoar RoadRoweMA1367413-339-5520
Shelburne Town Hall17 State StreetShelburne FallsMA1370413-625-6330
Warwick Town Hall12 Athol RoadWarwickMA1378978-544-6315
Franklin County Marriage License Offices
Ashfield Marriage LicenseAshfield Town Clerk, 412 Main StreetAshfieldMA1330
Bernardston Marriage LicenseBernardston Town Clerk, 38 Church StreetBernardstonMA1337413-648-5408
Buckland Marriage LicenseBuckland Town Clerk, 17 State StreetShelburne FallsMA1370413-625-8572
Charlemont Marriage LicenseCharlemont Town Clerk, 2023 Route 2CharlemontMA1339
Colrain Marriage LicenseColrain Town Clerk, 55 Main RoadColrainMA1340413-624-3454
Conway Marriage LicenseConway Town Clerk, 240 ConwayConwayMA1341
Deerfield Marriage LicenseDeerfield Town Clerk, 8 Conway StreetSouth DeerfieldMA1373
Erving Marriage LicenseErving Town Clerk, 12 East Main StreetErvingMA1344
Gill Marriage LicenseGill Town Clerk, 325 Main RoadGillMA1354413-863-8103
Greenfield Marriage LicenseGreenfield Town Clerk, 425 Main StreetGreenfieldMA1302413-772-1556
Hawley Marriage LicenseHawley Town Clerk, 8 Pudding Hollow RoadHawleyMA1339413-339-5518
Heath Marriage LicenseHeath Town Clerk, 1 East Main StreetHeathMA1346413-337-4934
Leverett Marriage LicenseLeverett Town Clerk, 9 Montague RoadLeverettMA1453413-548-9150
Leyden Marriage LicenseLeyden Town Clerk, 16 W. Leyden RoadLeydenMA1337413-774-7769
Monroe Marriage LicenseMonroe Town Clerk, 102 School StreetMonroe BridgeMA1350413-424-5272
Montague Marriage LicenseMontague Town Clerk, 1 Avenue ATurners FallsMA1376
New Salem Marriage LicenseNew Salem Town Clerk, 24 South Main StreetNew SalemMA1355978-544-2731
Northfield Marriage LicenseNorthfield Town Clerk, 69 Main StreetNorthfieldMA1360
Orange Marriage LicenseOrange Town Clerk, 6 Prospect StreetOrangeMA1364
Rowe Marriage LicenseRowe Town Clerk, 321 Zoar RoadRoweMA1367413-339-5520
Shelburne Marriage LicenseShelburne Town Clerk, 51 Bridge StreetShelburne FallsMA1370413-625-0300
Shutesbury Marriage LicenseShutesbury Town Clerk, 1 Cooleyville RoadShutesburyMA1072413-259-1204
Sunderland Marriage LicenseSunderland Town Clerk, 2 School StreetSunderlandMA1375413-665-1442
Warwick Marriage LicenseWarwick Town Clerk, 12 Athol RoadWarwickMA1378978-544-8304
Wendell Marriage LicenseWendell Town Clerk, 9 Morse Village RoadWendellMA1379
Whately Marriage LicenseWhately Town Clerk, 218 Chestnut Plain RoadWhatelyMA1093413-665-0054
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Charlemont Town Clerk Website
City of Northfield Website
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Conway Town Clerk Website
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Franklin County Marriage Certificates & Records
Gill Town Clerk Website
Greenfield Birth Records
Greenfield Public Library Website
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Greenfield Town Clerk's Office Death Records
Leveret Town Clerk Website
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Orange Town Clerk Marriage Records
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Married Couples 13,808 (45.3%)
Unmarried Couples 2,687 (3.9%)
Never Married Men 10,257 (35.1%)
Never Married Women 8,343 (26.7%)
Separated Men 338 (1.2%)
Separated Women 449 (1.4%)
Widowed Men 795 (2.7%)
Widowed Women 3,115 (10.0%)
Divorced Men 3,112 (10.6%)
Divorced Women 4,679 (15.0%)

How to Search Marriage Records

Have you heard of the state of Franklin County Massachusetts, where the US President and his wife were born? You may have also heard of the marriage records of some of the leaders and personalities of this place. Most of the people are still unaware about these records and how to search them. These records have been kept for many years now and the government has kept the records for such a long time. These records are important and can be used by the individual who is looking for some vital information regarding marriage. The government keeps such records at different places including the county office and they are also stored at other places too.

There are many ways by which these records can be accessed. You can either visit the office directly or do some online research in the Internet. You can either visit the county records office or do the search online through the help of various search engines. It is always better to use the online methods as you will get all the information from one single source. You just need to provide the name of the person whose records you want to access and then the search would be started.

There are many legal companies which provide services for accessing the marriage records in Franklin County Massachusetts. You can make use of these services and get all the relevant information from these records. If you want to access these records quickly, you can opt for the paid services. There are many companies who offer paid services. These companies usually use various sources like the public libraries, the Internet and social networking sites to get the information about the records.

You can start the search by using any one of the two popular methods, the free method and the paid method. In case of the free search method, you can search for the information on marriage records using some of the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN. All the relevant information should be present in the result. However, if you are looking for some specific details, you may not get the desired information through this method. In case, if you are searching for more than one record, it is better to use the paid method of conducting the search.

The details about a particular person who has got married is not necessarily available in every state. Therefore, the information may not be obtained from some specific places. This is the main reason why the details are not found in every state. However, you may have the option of getting the information about the marriage record of a particular person when you search online. The information provided in the websites will help you in finding out the details about any person.

When you want to search the marriage records of a particular person, you should provide accurate information. The information provided is usually reliable and useful. However, when it comes to the records of a person who got married in Franklin County, you should be careful in the selection of the website that provides information about the marriage records. In case, if you are able to find some useful information about the marriage, you should also provide details such as the location and time of the marriage and other information related to it.

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