Hampden County Massachusetts Marriage Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Tolland Town Hall241 West Granville RoadTollandMA1034413-258-4794
West Springfield Town Hall26 Central StreetWest SpringfieldMA1089413-263-3012
Westfield City Hall59 Court StreetWestfieldMA1085413-572-6200
Wilbraham Town Hall240 Springfield StreetWilbrahamMA1095413-596-8111
Hampden County Marriage License Offices
Hampden Marriage LicenseHampden Town Clerk, 625 Main StreetHampdenMA1036
Agawam Marriage LicenseAgawam Town Clerk, Town Hall, 36 Main StreetAgawamMA1001
Blandford Marriage LicenseBlandford Town Clerk, 102 Main StreetBlandfordMA1008413-848-2782
Brimfield Marriage License23 Main StreetBrimfieldMA1010
Chester Marriage LicenseChester Town Clerk, 15 Middlefield RoadChesterMA1011413-354-6603
East Longmeadow Marriage LicenseEast Longmeadow Town Clerk, 60 Center SquareEast LongmeadowMA1028413-525-5400
Granville Marriage LicenseGranville Town Clerk, 707 Main RoadGranvilleMA1034
Holland Marriage LicenseHolland Town Clerk, 27 Sturbridge RoadHollandMA1521
Longmeadow Marriage LicenseLongmeadow Town Clerk, 20 Williams StreetLongmeadowMA1106413-565-4103
Ludlow Marriage LicenseLudlow Town Clerk, Town Hall, 2Nd Floor, 488 Chapin StreetLudlowMA1056
Monson Marriage LicenseMonson Town Clerk, 29 Thompson StreetMonsonMA1057413-267-4115
Montgomery Marriage LicenseMontgomery Town Clerk, 102 Main StreetMontgomeryMA1008413-848-2804
Palmer Marriage LicensePalmer Town Clerk, 4417 Main StreetPalmerMA1069413-283-2608
Russell Marriage LicenseRussell Town Clerk, 65 Main StreetRussellMA1071413-862-6207
Southwick Marriage LicenseSouthwick Town Clerk, 454 College HighwaySouthwickMA1077413-569-5504
Tolland Marriage LicenseTolland Town Clerk, 241 West Granville RoadTollandMA1034413-258-4068
Wales Marriage LicenseWales Town Clerk, 3 Hollow RoadWalesMA1081
West Springfield Marriage License26 Central StreetWest SpringfieldMA1089413-263-3012
Wilbraham Marriage LicenseWilbraham Town Clerk, 240 Springfield StreetWilbrahamMA1095
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Hampden County Clerk Offices
Hampden County ClerkPO Box 559SpringfieldMA1102413-735-6016
Hampden Town Clerk625 Main StreetHampdenMA1036413-566-3214
Chicopee City Clerk17 Springfield StreetChicopeeMA1013413-594-1466
East Longmeadown Town Clerk60 Center SquareEast LongmeadowMA1028413-525-5400
Longmeadow Town Clerk20 Williams StreetLongmeadowMA1106413-567-1066
Palmer Town Clerk4417 Main StreetPalmerMA1069413-289-1196
Southwick Town Clerk454 College HighwaySouthwickMA1077413-569-5504
Westfield City Clerk59 Court StreetWestfieldMA1085413-572-6235
Hampden County Town & City Halls
Agawam Town Hall36 Main StreetAgawamMA1001413-786-0400
Blandford Town Hall102 Main StreetBlandfordMA1008413-848-2782
Chester Town HallUnit 16, 15 Middlefield RdChesterMA1011413-354-7760
Chicopee City HallRm 100, 17 Springfield StChicopeeMA1013413-594-4711
Granville Town Hall707 Main RoadGranvilleMA1034413-357-8585
Holland Town Hall27 Sturbridge RoadHollandMA1521413-245-7108
Holyoke City Hall536 Dwight StreetHolyokeMA1040413-322-5510
Longmeadow Town Hall20 Williams StreetLongmeadowMA1106413-565-4140
Monson Town Hall110 Main StreetMonsonMA1057413-267-4119
Montgomery Town Hall161 Main RoadMontgomeryMA1085413-862-3386
Russell Town Hall65 Main StreetRussellMA1071413-862-3265
Springfield City Hall36 Court StreetSpringfieldMA1103413-787-6000
Married Couples74,185 (41.5%)
Unmarried Couples13,377 (2.9%)
Never Married Men76,722 (41.9%)
Never Married Women72,459 (36.0%)
Separated Men2,950 (1.6%)
Separated Women5,562 (2.8%)
Widowed Men5,486 (3.0%)
Widowed Women18,984 (9.4%)
Divorced Men16,733 (9.1%)
Divorced Women25,715 (12.8%)

How to Lookup Marriage Records in Hampden County Massachusetts

Public marriage records in Massachusetts are maintained by the local county clerk offices. The most commonly used format is the micro-fiche which can be found at any of the public libraries or online government agencies that provide such services. Micro-fiche is a digital record, meaning it is a record kept on microfilms, which are extremely tiny copies. These records are scanned and uploaded online for public access, though the copies may need to be processed by hand.

If you have access to the internet, you may be able to obtain marriage records online. This is often done through an agency known as an online records service. An online records service will give you access to a vast amount of public information such as marriage license records, divorce records, names of people who have been married before and more. The information can be requested from the privacy of your own home. While this option is convenient, it does have its limitations.

Marriage records can only be searched within the state where they were filed. This means if someone was born in Texas but married in Massachusetts, you may not be able to find out if they had a license from Texas. Because of this limitation, an online records search may not be able to retrieve information from another state. In some cases, you may be able to access records from another county within the state, but this depends on whether the other counties are linked to the same database as the one you’re requesting the records from.

Marriage records are considered public record, which means anyone can search through them. Depending on your reasons for searching the records, you may be able to access them free of charge. However, you may be required to pay a minimal fee for any records or documents that you request. Fortunately, due to the large number of records available and the laws surrounding their release, most marriage records can now be obtained online for a nominal fee.

If you want to know more information about someone you know, such as the person you just started dating, you may wish to see if there are marriage records available. This is especially helpful if you’ve just started dating and have their contact information. It’s possible to obtain information such as their address history, the names of the other people they’ve been married to, and more through records online. You may not get all the information you’re looking for, but it’s worth trying since it could help you determine if the person is who they say they are.

Since many of these records are available only to a select number of people, it’s important to make sure that you’re using a reliable online records retrieval service. This way you can be guaranteed that the information you’re receiving is accurate. By using a service that checks its records regularly and has good customer support, you can feel comfortable knowing you’re getting only the most up to date information.