Hampshire County Massachusetts Marriage Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Hampshire County Clerk Offices
Hampshire County Clerk15 Gothic StreetNorthamptonMA1060413-584-5810
Amherst Town Clerk4 Boltwood AvenueAmherstMA1002413-259-3035
Belchertown Town Clerk2 Jabish StreetBelchertownMA1007413-323-0281
Chesterfield Town Clerk422 Main RoadChesterfieldMA1012413-296-4741
Hadley Town Clerk100 Middle StreetHadleyMA1035413-584-1590
Northampton City Clerk210 Main StreetNorthamptonMA1060413-587-1224
South Hadley City Clerk116 Main StreetSouth HadleyMA1075413-538-5023
Southampton Town Clerk8 East StreetSouthamptonMA1073413-527-8392
Hampshire County Town & City Halls
Amherst Town Hall4 Boltwood AvenueAmherstMA1002413-256-4004
Belchertown Hall2 Jabish StreetBelchertownMA1007413-323-0400
Easthampton City Hall50 Payson AvenueEasthamptonMA1027413-529-1460
Easthampton Town Hall32 Payson AvenueEasthamptonMA1027413-527-1470
Hadley Town Hall100 Middle StreetHadleyMA1035413-586-3354
Hatfield Town Hall59 Main StreetHatfieldMA1038413-247-0491
Huntington Town Hall24 Russell RoadHuntingtonMA1050413-667-3500
Middlefield Town Hall188 Skyline TrlMiddlefieldMA1243413-623-8966
Northampton City Hall210 Main StreetNorthamptonMA1060413-587-1276
Pelham Town Hall351 Amherst RoadPelhamMA1002413-253-7129
Plainfield Town HallW MAIN StPlainfieldMA1070413-634-2252
South Hadley Town Hall116 Main StreetSouth HadleyMA1075413-538-5017
Southampton Town Hall210 College HwySouthamptonMA1073413-529-0106
Ware Town Hall126 Main StreetWareMA1082413-967-9648
Westhampton Town Hall1 South RoadWesthamptonMA1027413-527-0463
Williamsburg Town Hall16 Main StreetWilliamsburgMA1096413-268-8405
Worthington Town Hall160 Huntington RoadWorthingtonMA1098413-238-5577
Hampshire County Marriage License Offices
Amherst Marriage LicenseAmherst Town Clerk, 4 Boltwood AvenueAmherstMA1002413-259-3035
Belchertown Marriage LicenseBelchertown Town Clerk, 2 Jabish StreetBelchertownMA1007413-323-0281
Chesterfield Marriage LicenseChesterfield Town Clerk, 422 Main RoadChesterfieldMA1012413-296-4741
Cummington Marriage LicenseCummington Town Clerk, 33 Main StreetCummingtonMA1026413-634-5354
Goshen Marriage LicenseGoshen Town Clerk, 40 Main StreetGoshenMA1032413-268-8236
Granby Marriage LicenseGranby Town Clerk, Town Hall Annex, 215B West State StreetGranbyMA1033413-467-7178
Hatfield Marriage LicenseHatfield Town Clerk, 59 Main StreetHatfieldMA1038413-247-0492
Huntington Marriage LicenseHuntington Town Clerk, 24 Russell RoadHuntingtonMA1050413-667-3186
Middlefield Marriage LicenseMiddlefield Town Clerk, 188 Skyline TrailMiddlefieldMA1243413-623-2079
Pelham Marriage LicensePelham Town Clerk, 351 Amherst RoadPelhamMA1002413-253-0512
Plainfield Marriage LicensePlainfield Town Clerk, 348 Main StreetPlainfieldMA1070413-634-5582
South hadley Marriage LicenseSouth Hadley Town Clerk, 116 Main Street, Room 108South HadleyMA1075
Southampton Marriage LicenseSouthampton Town Clerk, 210 College HighwaySouthamptonMA1073413-527-8392
Ware Marriage LicenseWare Town Clerk, 126 Main Street, Suite FWareMA1082413-967-9648
Westhampton Marriage LicenseWesthampton Town Clerk, One South RoadWesthamptonMA1027413-203-3080
Williamsburg Marriage LicenseWilliamsburg Town Clerk, 141 Main StreetHaydenvilleMA1039413-268-8402
Worthington Marriage LicenseWorthington Town Clerk, 160 Huntington RoadWorthingtonMA1098
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Married Couples26,396 (44.9%)
Unmarried Couples4,302 (3.1%)
Never Married Men29,775 (45.5%)
Never Married Women33,522 (44.0%)
Separated Men862 (1.3%)
Separated Women882 (1.2%)
Widowed Men1,550 (2.4%)
Widowed Women5,371 (7.1%)
Divorced Men5,353 (8.2%)
Divorced Women8,167 (10.7%)

How to Look Up Marriage Records in Hampshire County Massachusetts

Do you know that marriage records in Hampshire County are considered public information? This means that anyone can have access to them. This means you too can obtain copies of your own marriage information, such as date of birth, full names of the bride and groom, and even the marriage license. The process is simple and quick.

You can find these records in Hampshire County by searching through the local government or law library. Most towns and cities will have a central marriage records office that you can go to for any information you need. Most of these offices either maintain these records on their own or have access to them from the government. If they have access then it will be free but if not, then you will have to pay for it. There are also some places that offer this information for a small fee.

However, this information is not only found in the library or government offices. They are also available on the internet. There are many websites out there that offer marriage records. Some of them are free while others require you to pay a small fee. Fortunately, most of the reputable ones give you the option of obtaining the records without paying anything.

When searching for a website make sure you do a little research before you register. If you don’t know what to look for then there are plenty of web sites that will provide information on everything from county seals to where the county seat is. You can look up records for both bride and groom as well as find out about the parents. There are even searchable versions of the ceremony itself. Some of them allow you to search based on the name you provide. If you want to narrow down the search even more, there are versions that will return information based on a maiden name and a father’s name.

Another nice feature is that some of the better sites will offer you the ability to print out the results. This can be helpful if you don’t have all the time it takes to go through each record one by one. If you aren’t interested in paying any money for the marriage records in Hampshire County Massachusetts, the information is available for free. In fact, if you do some quick searches online you may be able to find some information for free.

The state of Massachusetts is a rather large place. Everything from birth records to death records are listed. Marriage records are not included and are only available for county residents of that county. You can do some investigation on your own if you want but it is nice to know that you can search for these marriage records for free. In addition, many of these sites will let you do one or several searches right from your home. This couldn’t be much easier.