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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Buckland Police Department69 Conway StreetShelburne FallsMA01370413-625-8200
Charlemont Police DepartmentFactory RoadCharlemontMA01339413-625-8200
Colrain Police Department55 Main RoadColrainMA01340413-624-3454
Conway Police Department32 Main StreetConwayMA01341413-625-8200
Deerfield Police Department8 Conway StreetDeerfieldMA01373413-665-2606
Erving Police Department71 French King HighwayErvingMA01344413-423-3310
Gill Police Department196 Main RoadGillMA01354413-863-9398
Greenfield Community College Office Of Safety And Security1 College DriveGreenfieldMA01301413-775-1212
Greenfield Police Department321 High StreetGreenfieldMA01301413-773-5411
Leverett Police Department95 Montague RoadLeverettMA01054413-548-4994
Leyden Police Department16 West Leyden RoadLeydenMA01337413-772-2369
Massachusetts Environmental Police316 Turners Falls RoadMontagueMA01351413-367-0011
Massachusetts State Police - Shelburne Falls289 Mohawk TrailShelburne FallsMA01370413-625-6311
Montague Police Department1 Avenue AMontagueMA01376413-863-8911
Montague Town Police Department180 Turnpike RoadMontagueMA01376413-863-2913
New Salem Town Police Department19 South Main StreetNew SalemMA01355978-544-2141
Northfield Town Police Department69 Main StreetNorthfieldMA01360413-498-5118
Orange Police Department400 East River StreetOrangeMA01364978-544-2129
Rowe Police Department321 Zoar RoadRoweMA01367413-339-5546
Shelburne Police Department51 Bridge StreetShelburne FallsMA01370413-625-0301
Shutesbury Police Department1 Cooleyville RoadShutesburyMA01072413-259-1279
Sunderland Police Department105 River RoadSunderlandMA01375413-665-7036
Warwick Police Department12 Athol RoadWarwickMA01378978-544-2244
Wendell Police Department4 Center StreetWendellMA01379978-544-7448
Whately Police Department218 Chestnut Plain RoadWhatelyMA01093413-665-0430
Franklin County Sheriff Department
Franklin County Sheriffs Office / Franklin County Jail160 Elm StreetGreenfieldMA01301413-774-4014
Franklin County Probation Department
Franklin County Probation Department425 Main StreetGreenfieldMA01301413-774-7011
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(421)Franklin County Police Departments
Ashfield Police Department412 Main StreetAshfieldMA01330413-628-4445
Franklin County Police Departments
Bernardston Police Department256 South StreetBernardstonMA01337413-648-9208

Warrant Records – Information on Criminal Records and Warrants

In Franklin County, Massachusetts there are many places to find warrants and other information that pertains to a person’s arrest. You can access these records through the county clerk of court, or you may want to utilize a search engine to see if you can locate the information you are looking for. The best way to find information about a person’s arrest is through a legal research service. These companies have affiliations with various law enforcement agencies across the country and can help you find the information you are searching for, when you need it. If you have a person’s name and you don’t know where they may have lived in the past, these companies can help you track down any warrants or other information that can put your mind at ease.

First, it is important to understand how a warrant is defined. A warrant is not just any type of legal document that a police officer can get to arrest you on the spot. Instead, a warrant is a valid order that gives the police authority to enter private property to arrest a person. Without a warrant, the police may not enter a private property without the owners permission.

A warrant does not necessarily have to be issued by a judge. You can get a warrant for the person you believe has been violating your privacy, even if they happen to be someone who lives in another state. This means if you are an employer hiring someone or you believe your child is missing when you aren’t around, you may be able to use a search to get a criminal history report on the person. It doesn’t matter what the violation is, a warrant will allow you to find out the information is person is associated with and where they are living.

A warrant is a serious matter, and one you should not take lightly. You should always investigate any request you receive for records on another person. If there are reasons that you feel you need to search a person’s record, it is better to do so quickly than later, when you may be faced with the possibility of an impending legal battle with that person.

Warrant records are available online. Some websites allow you to access their public records online, for a small fee. Other websites, like the one mentioned above, allow you access to their records online, for a low monthly fee. Regardless of which website you choose, you will be able to quickly find out if you have a warrant for the person you want to search. You will also be able to see exactly where that warrant is, how old it is, and if it has been executed.

If you find yourself with a warrant for the arrest of a person you know nothing about, you may have no other choice but to go to court and have the warrant arrested. The problem here is that it could very well come down to a dispute over how much money the person owes you. If the warrant makes you current on your monthly bill, the courts may not have any other option but to go into court and issue the warrant. In this case, it may very well be in your best interest to have someone else go through the legal procedures involved in getting the warrant canceled. Even if the situation isn’t resolved in your favor, at least you will not need to worry about having a warrant picked up by the police.