Worcester County Massachusetts Marriage Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Dudley Town Hall71 West Main StreetDudleyMA1571508-949-8010
East Brookfield Town Hall101 Depot SqEast BrookfieldMA1515508-867-6769
Fitchburg City Hall718 Main StreetFitchburgMA1420978-345-9550
Gardner City Hall95 Pleasant StreetGardnerMA1440978-632-1900
Gilbertville Town Hall307 MAIN StGilbertvilleMA1031413-477-6197
Harvard Town Hall13 Ayer RoadHarvardMA1451978-456-4103
Holden Town Hall1204 Main StreetHoldenMA1520508-829-0225
Worcester County Marriage License Offices
Ashburnham Marriage LicenseAshburnham Town Clerk, 32 Main StreetAshburnhamMA1430
Athol Marriage LicenseAthol Town Clerk, 584 Main Street, Suite 10AtholMA1331978-249-4551
Auburn Marriage LicenseAuburn Town Clerk, 104 Central StreetAuburnMA1501508-832-7701
Barre Marriage LicenseBarre Town Clerk, 40 West StreetBarreMA1005
Berlin Marriage LicenseBerlin Town Clerk, 23 Linden StreetBerlinMA1503978-838-2931
Blackstone Marriage LicenseBlackstone Town Clerk, 15 St. Paul StreetBlackstoneMA1504508-883-1500
Bolton Marriage LicenseBolton Town Clerk, 663 Main StreetBoltonMA1740978-779-2771
Boylston Marriage LicenseBoylston Town Clerk, 221 Main StreetBoylstonMA1505508-869-2234
Brookfield Marriage LicenseBrookfield Town Clerk, 6 Central StreetBrookfieldMA1506
Charlton Marriage LicenseCharlton Town Clerk, 37 Main StreetCharltonMA1507508-248-2249
Clinton Marriage LicenseClinton Town Clerk, 242 Church StreetClintonMA1510978-365-4119
Douglas Marriage LicenseDouglas Town Clerk, 29 Depot StreetDouglasMA1516508-476-4000
Dudley Marriage LicenseDudley Town Clerk, 71 W. Main St., Rm. 207DudleyMA1571508-949-8004
East Brookfield Marriage LicenseEast Brookfield Town Clerk, 122 Connie Mack DriveEast BrookfieldMA1515
Grafton Marriage LicenseGrafton Town Clerk Memorial Municipal Center, 30 Providence RoadGraftonMA1519
Hardwick Marriage LicenseHardwick Town Clerk, 307 Main StreetGilbertvilleMA1031413-477-6700
Harvard Marriage LicenseHarvard Town Clerk, 13Ayer RoadHarvardMA1451978-456-4100
Holden Marriage LicenseHolden Town Clerk, 1196 Main StreetHoldenMA1520508-210-5530
Hopedale Marriage LicenseHopedale Town Clerk, 78 Hopedale StreetHopedaleMA1747
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Worcester County Clerk Offices
Athol Town Clerk584 Main StreetAtholMA1331978-249-4551
Auburn Town Clerk104 Central StreetAuburnMA1501508-832-7701
Barre Town Clerk40 West StreetBarreMA1005978-355-5003
Berlin Town Clerk23 Linden StreetBerlinMA1503978-838-2931
Boylston Town Clerk221 Main StreetBoylstonMA1505508-869-2234
Charlton Town Clerk37 Main StreetCharltonMA1507508-248-2249
Clinton Town Clerk242 Church StreetClintonMA1510978-365-4154
Dudley Town Clerk71 West Main StreetDudleyMA1571508-949-8004
Fitchburg City Clerk718 Main StreetFitchburgMA1420978-345-9592
Gardner Parking Clerk95 Pleasant StreetGardnerMA1440978-632-3810
Gilbertville Town Clerk307 MAIN StGilbertvilleMA1031413-477-6700
Grafton Town Clerk30 Providence RoadGraftonMA1519508-839-4722
Harvard Town Clerk13 Ayer RoadHarvardMA1451978-456-4103
Holden Clerk1204 Main StreetHoldenMA1520508-829-0225
Worcester County Town & City Halls
1835 Town Hall31 Main StreetSterlingMA1564978-422-3041
Ashburnham Town Hall32 Main StreetAshburnhamMA1430978-827-4100
Athol Town Hall584 Main StreetAtholMA1331978-249-4551
Auburn Town Hall104 Central StreetAuburnMA1501508-832-7728
Berlin Town Hall23 Linden StreetBerlinMA1503978-838-2444
Blackstone Town Hall15 Saint Paul StreetBlackstoneMA1504508-883-1500
Bolton Town Hall663 Main StreetBoltonMA1740978-779-2297
Brookfield Town Hall6 Central StreetBrookfieldMA1506508-867-5722
Clinton Town Hall555 Main StreetClintonMA1510978-365-4165
Douglas Town Hall29 Depot StreetDouglasMA1516508-476-4000
Married Couples 151,564 (49.5%)
Unmarried Couples 21,725 (2.8%)
Never Married Men 123,382 (37.5%)
Never Married Women 105,044 (30.5%)
Separated Men 4,640 (1.4%)
Separated Women 6,938 (2.0%)
Widowed Men 8,597 (2.6%)
Widowed Women 29,493 (8.6%)
Divorced Men 29,935 (9.1%)
Divorced Women 41,562 (12.1%)

How Do I Find Marriage Records in Worcester County Massachusetts?

Marriage Records in Worcester County are considered public information. Anyone who needs to see a record can request it from the Registry of Vital Records. The only requirement is that the couple should have been married at least a year before the request is made. This provides enough time for the county to update the records with the necessary data and to verify the names of those who applied for the marriage license. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of your own marriage record then you will probably need to find an online provider of public records. These companies will usually charge a fee, but it is minimal compared to the advantages of obtaining your record online.

There are two main ways to obtain records from the Registry of Worthen County. You can search through the records via the internet or you can visit the courthouse for a more personal search. Both methods have their pros and cons. If you would like to search using the internet first, it is important to find a reputable and reliable provider of such services. You will need to research the company to ensure that they are registered members of the Association of Certified Computer Technologists (ACCT) and that their systems are protected against malicious viruses.

Many of these providers will offer free initial searches to gather your details and get a general idea of what you will be searching for. You will then have to pay a fee and join the program if you wish to view the full reports, which are highly recommended. This type of online marriage records service is perfect for anyone who is looking to check up on someone else, as the reports are always completely accurate. It is also highly convenient to use, particularly if you are new to the county or state and do not wish to wait for weeks for hard copies of records to arrive in the mail.

There are other ways to obtain marriage records in Worcester County. If you know someone whose wedding occurred in this county, you could personally visit the venue and request the records. Alternatively, you can contact the individual via the Internet and arrange for a mail-in request, although this option can take longer. If you have a computer with a web connection, you can easily search for information using an online search engine. A variety of sites allow you to browse through their databases and choose the one that contains the records you want, usually at minimal cost.

In order to perform your own search, there are a few simple steps that you need to follow. First, locate the county records office in Worcester County and either contact them directly or pay to become a member of their database. Once you have become a member you will be able to perform an unlimited number of free searches through their website. Once you have located your chosen site, login and begin searching. You may have to repeat this step if you change your mind and want to access a different site.

When you find the desired record, simply click on the title or name to view the information about the person. Most county record websites also allow you to print a hard copy of the document for your own records or to send it to someone else. Many of these online sites offer a free copy, however, because marriage records are not always available to the general public, some sites will offer you a limited number of them for a fee. This may cost you a bit more money than you would expect, however, so keep that in mind when deciding whether or not this is a good option for you.

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