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Warrant records are one of the many public records that are considered as public domain. Unlike criminal court records and arrest warrants which are typically kept in state and county courthouses, warrants are kept in the office of the clerk of court of any state. This is because the office of the clerk of court usually maintain the files on warrants that have been filed in their court. Warrant records are also referred to as subpoenas.

In some states, warrant records are automatically turned over to the state prosecutor. However, in Virginia, these are not public records. In Virginia, the person who applied for the warrant must personally present their request to the Circuit clerk. Also, a copy of the original arrest warrant must be presented to the Circuit clerk along with an application for a warrant. If no warrant is present, then the clerk will advise the applicant to obtain a court order.

You may conduct your own criminal background search in the event that you want to hire someone new or if you want to verify whether a new neighbor has a clean record. In addition, there are many reasons why people want to check up on someone else. It may be to protect their family, to protect their business interests, or even to make sure that their child is not being molested by another parent. So in case you need to perform your own criminal background search in Richmond, VA, here are some of the options that you have at your disposal.

One of the most popular ways to search for Criminal Records in Richmond, VA is by using online services. You may either use a national search engine like Yahoo or Google, or you may employ a local online agency. The national level criminal record providers are more convenient in terms of accessibility. They also offer higher levels of data. However, they may not have access to data such as traffic offenses, sex crimes and other crime records. Moreover, an online agency may not have access to military records and past employment information.

Another option that you have is to conduct your own criminal search by hand. This would entail collecting all of the necessary information yourself. This can be very tedious, especially if you have to visit the different government departments in your area to collect these records. Even then, this method is fairly inconvenient since you still have to go through the records one by one in order to search for pertinent information.

You may also try getting your hands on public court records if you want to dig even deeper. Public court records are actually pretty easy to locate nowadays. Most government agencies keep these records online so that you can have them instantly without much hassle. You will only need to invest a couple of minutes of your time for each search. If you are not interested in spending money for a private detective or for the services of an agency, you may also try using online services that offer warrant records in Richmond, Virginia.