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Performing A Warrant Records Search

Warrant Records in Rappahannock County Virginia are kept by the Virginia State Police under the orders of General George Thomas. These are the same records that the FBI and other Federal Agencies such as the CIA keep on file at their respective headquarters. However, the real reason these warrants are kept is for the protection of the public against violent and criminal offenders who may be in the neighborhood or operating a business in the area. This also prevents the innocent from being accused of crimes that they did not commit.

Before any warrants can be issued in Virginia, the courts require probable cause to believe that a person is guilty of a specified crime before issuing a warrant. The reasoning for this is that if the person is in violation of the law he cannot be convicted unless there is actual proof against him. Probable cause is described as evidence that strongly suggests that the person committed the crime charged against him. The records are kept in four files; general court, circuit court, probate court and the Virginia Supreme Court. There are special courts which are exclusively designated to hear warrants.

It is a common practice in many counties across America to maintain the arrest records of persons who are suspects in a crime. Warrant records also reveal information about people who have been convicted of a crime, and who have been declared bankrupt. It is also important to know about the mental health background of an individual especially if the person is involved in any type of criminal activity. Such details can help determine the suitability of a person to have a concealed weapons permit, for example.

If you are the employer of a person, you are legally bound to maintain the proper records pertaining to your employee. If you find out later that the person has been involved in any crime, you will have to inform the police or the local court. This is also true if you suspect your employee of using his vehicle for any criminal purpose. Similarly, the person you are renting a house to should also provide you with copies of the police dockets in case there are any suspicious transactions going on in the house. In such cases, it is essential to have a copy of the person’s criminal record.

Warrant records contain very sensitive information including the person’s full name, current address, residential status, telephone number, place of work, place of birth, age and Social Security number. The person’s date of birth, sexual crimes, driving offenses and other convictions related to law are also listed. The person’s name, address, employer, nature of job, employer’s license number and other relevant information will be contained in the report.

To avoid any hassles, it is highly recommended to get hold of a professional record monitoring agency to conduct a nationwide search. These agencies buy all the public information from the different government agencies and publish them online. The process is very simple. The person you are tracking will just have to submit a form detailing all the personal details he conceives about. The agency will then conduct a nationwide search and produce the results within a few days. Hence, if you are involved in any situation where you need the police’s help, you can easily get hold of your person’s warrant records using an online service.