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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1498)Prince William County Police Departments
Prince William County Police Department1 County Complex CourtWoodbridgeVA22192703-792-6652
Prince William County Police Departments
Prince William County Police Department5036 Davis Ford RoadWoodbridgeVA22192703-792-6515
Dumfries Police Department18130 Triangle Shopping PlazaDumfriesVA22026703-221-1111
Dumfries Police Department17755 Main StreetDumfriesVA22026703-221-1111
Haymarket Police Department15026 Washington StreetHaymarketVA20169703-753-2700
Haymarket Police Department15000 Washington StreetHaymarketVA20169703-753-2700
Manassas Park Police Department329 Manassas DriveManassas ParkVA20111703-361-1136
Northern Virginia Community College Police - Manassas6901 Sudley Road, Room 309 Howsman HallManassasVA20109703-257-6650
Northern Virginia Community College Police - Woodbridge Campus1483 Old Bridge RoadWoodbridgeVA22192703-670-0331
Occoquan Police Department314 Mill StreetWoodbridgeVA22192703-491-1918
Quantico Police Department405 Broadway StreetQuanticoVA22134703-640-7500
Virginia State Police Division 7 Area 11 - Manassas14420 Independent Hill DriveManassasVA20112703-791-3101
Prince William County Sheriff Department
Prince William County Sheriffs Office9311 Lee AvenueManassasVA20110703-792-6070
Prince William County FBI Offices
Manassas Virginia FBI Office9300 Grant AvenueManassasVA20110703-361-5193
Quantico Virginia FBI Office10 Heywood RoadQuanticoVA22134703-630-1458
Quantico Virginia FBI OfficeRange RoadQuanticoVA22134703-932-6095
Quantico Virginia FBI Office13201 Perkins StreetQuanticoVA22134703-632-1990
Triangle Virginia FBI Office18300 Quantico Gateway DriveTriangleVA22172703-221-1423
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Criminal Background Check – Warrant Records

Warrant Records are one of the most commonly searched public records in Prince William County, Virginia. Any time anyone is arrested and the case has yet to go to trial, the name will turn up in a Prince William County criminal records search. In some instances, warrants may be issued based on outstanding arrest warrants, as well as warrants issued under the state ” Fugitive laws” for failure to appear in court. Obtaining these records can save you time and money, since not only do you know the person’s criminal history, but can also obtain any other court records that could be related to the arrest.

When you search for Prince William County warrant records, you will first need to locate the county where the arrest occurred. Once you locate your local courthouse, all you have to do is fill out an online form requesting the information. If possible, try to find out if you can get an appeal certificate at the same time you are filling out the form, or at the very least, a letter of request. Many times, you may not even need an appeal certificate, but it is good to know that you have some avenue of getting it if you need it. Also, make sure that you are going to the right place and that you provide accurate information, because inaccurate data could lead to invalid searches.

Once you receive your results, they will be stored either in your computer system or in a paper form. If you would like to have instant access to a record, many courthouses are now offering online access through a secure connection. This will give you access to the person’s record within seconds, making it quick and easy to locate any warrants or arrests. In addition, most online records are free. However, some information may require a small fee for processing. If you are looking for more detailed information, however, the fee may be worth it.

Per Virginia law, it is your right and responsibility to view all public records provided by any governmental agency, including county, state and national. So, if you are searching for criminal arrest history of a person in Virginia, you should know that you can obtain this information through the Virginia Vital Records Registry. There are also several other sources such as the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the Federal Prisoners of a particular prison. These can be used as well.

Warrant records in Virginia are basically divided into two categories. There are criminal warrant records and civil warrant records. A criminal warrant is one that authorizes an individual to be arrested for a crime, while a civil warrant does not grant authority to arrest a person but may be used to gather evidence against that person. Therefore, if you are investigating a person for any type of criminal or civil offense, it is imperative that you know the type of warrant that was issued against them.

Warrant records can be used to check up on employees, neighbors or date partners. If a person fails to meet his duties, it could be a case of obtaining the criminal background information for that person. This helps a lot when it comes to keeping your family and property secure. In addition, these criminal records help pin-point people who may have ulterior motives and therefore pose a threat to the security of the nation. Hence, make it a point to keep yourself abreast with the latest technology related to warrant records.