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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1505)Rockingham County Police Departments
Bridgewater College Police Department122 College View DriveBridgewaterVA22812540-828-5761
Rockingham County Police Departments
Bridgewater Police Department201 Green StreetBridgewaterVA22812540-828-2611
Broadway Police Department113 South Central StreetBroadwayVA22815540-896-1174
Dayton Police Department125 Eastview StreetDaytonVA22821540-879-2161
Elkton Police Department173 West Spotswood AvenueElktonVA22827540-298-9441
Elkton Police Department20593 Blue and Gold DriveElktonVA22827540-298-9441
Grottoes Police Department601 Dogwood AvenueGrottoesVA24441540-249-5707
Harrisonburg Police Department101 North Main StreetHarrisonburgVA22802540-434-4436
James Madison University Police And Public Safety921 South Main StreetHarrisonburgVA22801540-568-6911
Massanutten Police Department1735 Massanutten DriveMcGaheysvilleVA22840540-289-9431
Timberville Police Department392 South Main StreetTimbervilleVA22853540-896-3321
Virginia State Police Division 2 Area 16 - Harrisonburg4010 South Main StreetHarrisonburgVA22801540-434-8593
Rockingham County Sheriff Department
Rockingham County Sheriffs Office / Rockingham County Jail25 South Liberty StreetHarrisonburgVA22801540-564-3800
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Perpetration Searches – What Are Warrant Records?

Warrant Records in Rockingham County Virginia are maintained by the clerk of court. Warrant Records have information regarding any warrants that have been issued in this jurisdiction. These records are public record and anyone can request them at any time. All you need to know is the person’s name, date of offense and their location at the time of the arrest.

If you are looking up someone’s records, a service called “Warrant Search” can be used to get full details of a person’s criminal activity. This search service can provide you with their name, present address, previous addresses, other addresses and other pertinent information regarding the person’s name. You can also get other vital information including financial history and parole information. You can even do a background search using this service.

The type of service you choose depends on what type of information you need. If you are just trying to find out if someone has warrants, you can use a name search service. If you need to do a more detailed background check, then you will probably need to use a service that provides more detailed information. Perpetration searches will give you the exact location where the warrant was issued, who the person is, when the incident occurred, and other pertinent information. The charges against the person, when they were issued the warrants, and other information can also be obtained from this type of search.

You can’t always rely on a name search for warrants. Warrants are not always listed in local newspapers and other public records. To get these records you will have to contact the courthouse where the warrants were issued. Most counties also have their own website where you can access records online; however, this service may be limited and only available to residents of that county.

Another option is to pay a professional criminal background check company to perform an extensive search for you. This can be quite expensive, but it can also be very quick. After requesting a search, the company will tell you whether they have the information you need. Then you can decide if you want to purchase the information from them or if you have the information needed to perform your own search. The fee for a search is usually less than the price of a single search from a courthouse.

If you still aren’t sure about warrants, you can look into something called a “warrant check.” This service only requires you to provide the name of the person who is being targeted by the warrant and the county in which the warrant is issued. It doesn’t matter what the person’s last name is or what their address is. If you have the person’s social security number this will help the search be more successful. It doesn’t matter what type of record you are searching for because any type of public record is available.