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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1153)Henrico County Police Departments
Henrico County Division Of Police7721 East Parham RoadRichmondVA23294804-501-5000
Henrico County Police Departments
Csx Transportation Police4900 Old Osborne TurnpikeRichmondVA23231804-226-7591
J Sargeant Reynolds Community College Police1651 East Parham RoadRichmondVA23228804-523-5219
Richmond City Police Department Precinct 12501 Q StreetRichmondVA23223804-646-3602
Richmond City Police Department Precinct 42219 Chamberlayne AvenueRichmondVA23222804-646-4105
Richmond International Airport Public Safety1 Richard E Byrd Terminal DriveRichmondVA23250804-226-3084
Richmond Police DepartmentWood StreetRichmondVA23223318-574-2913
University Of Richmond Campus Police31 UR DriveRichmondVA23173804-289-8715
Virginia Game And Inland Fisheries Enforcement4010 West Broad StreetRichmondVA23230804-367-1000
Virginia State Police Division 1 Area 8 - Richmond3751 Nine Mile RoadRichmondVA23223804-236-3550
Henrico County Sheriff Departments
Henrico County Sheriffs Office / Henrico County Jail4301 East Parham RoadRichmondVA23228804-501-5860
Richmond City Sheriffs Office / Richmond City Jail1701 Fairfield WayRichmondVA23223804-646-0930
Henrico County DEA Office
Henrico Virginia DEA Office8600 Staples Mill RoadRichmondVA23228804-627-6300
Henrico County FBI Offices
Henrico Virginia FBI Office1970 East Parham RoadRichmondVA23228804-261-1044
Richmond Virginia FBI Office111 Greencourt RoadRichmondVA23228804-261-1044
Richmond Virginia FBI Office5101 Randall AvenueRichmondVA23231800-333-4636
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Important Things About Warrant Records

In Henrico County, there are different types of public information that are considered as Warrant Records. These are documents that are filed in a court of law that can be used to track down the identity of a person who is wanted on suspicion of a crime. The most common type of documents that are filed in a court of law that is called as a Warrant are criminal records.

When a person is arrested, the arrest warrant will be filed with the clerk of court. There are times when an arrest warrant has been issued on someone without the issuance of a warrant being done. This can only happen if the person being arrested does not have any identification and cannot produce a valid ID. It can also be used if the person being arrested has previous warrants for their arrest. If there is a last minute warrant out for the person’s arrest, then the authorities would have the authority to perform a search on the person.

In a typical warrant search, the local police will serve a warrant application to a station. The station will then alert the court that there is a warrant out for the person. Once the warrant is issued by the judge, then it will become public information. However, the records will only be available to law enforcement officials and to the person named on the warrant. It will not be accessible to anybody else unless you have the person’s consent. You may be able to get access to the records through different sources but it will still have to be in written consent.

Some of the public record sites that contain warrant records are the Henrico County website, Virginia Central Registry, Virginia Vital Records and others. You can even do a general search on the Internet. But there are limitations because the results from search engines are not always reliable especially if the person you are doing a background check on happens to be living in another state. Aside from that, the date on which the warrant was filed may have changed and thus the warrant records.

Warrant records can help you learn if there was any probable cause to arrest the person or not. It can also let you know what happened during the arrest such as whether there were weapons used or not, and other relevant details. The details contained in the warrant will also allow you to ascertain if the person has been convicted of any crimes, and how many times he or she has been arrested. If the person you are checking up on has been convicted of a crime, then you may need to do some more digging. For example, you may want to know how many times he or she has been to jail, the severity of the crime he or she has been convicted of, the names of people who knew about the crime and other relevant bits of information.

Warrant records can be used by law enforcement officials and by private individuals, even if you are not a law enforcement official or an individual looking for a person’s background. You can use them to check up on a person whom you think may be entering into some sort of scam. Likewise, you can also make use of them if you are suspicious about your spouse or someone else whom you have just met. If you are entering into a relationship with someone then you should have this document, which shows that he or she has been arrested and that he or she is being investigated.