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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1604)Smyth County Police Departments
Chilhowie Police Department325 East Lee HighwayChilhowieVA24319276-646-3232
Smyth County Police Departments
Marion Correctional Treatment Center130 Finley Gayle DriveMarionVA24354276-783-7154
Marion Police Department555 South Main StreetMarionVA24354276-783-8145
Saltville Police Department217 Palmer AvenueSaltvilleVA24370276-496-4321
Southwestern Virginia Mental Health Institute Police Department340 Bagley CircleMarionVA24354276-783-1200
Smyth County Sheriff Department
Smyth County Sheriffs Office111 West Court StreetMarionVA24354276-783-7204
Smyth County Probation Department
Smyth County Probation Department109 West Main StreetMarionVA24354276-782-4052
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Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Smyth County Virginia hold much more than just the name and address of the person who was arrested for a crime. They will tell you if they were ever convicted, were on parole at the time of their arrest, or were on probation at the time of their arrest. They will also show you if they have ever been to jail, how long they were in jail, and what crimes they were tried for. This information is used as part of an individuals background check.

So why is it important to have warrant records? If you are ever stopped and asked if you have a warrant for your arrest, it can be embarrassing. If your car is stolen, you could be accused of theft without knowing if you actually have a warrant. This can affect your life; not only because you were stopped but because the officer saw that you did not have a warrant and thought you were lying.

Warrant searches can also be done by law enforcement. When a person is arrested, they are taken to the police station where they undergo fingerprinting and mug shot screening. At the station, they are fingerprinted again. The person then has to produce a copy of one of the persons original birth certificates. At this point, it may be asked to sign a ” disclaimer stating that the records are not true and correct and that the person producing this copy does so under penalty of perjury.” This disclaimer is placed on the original paper not on the fingerprint card.

Once fingerprints and mug shot are verified, the copies are mailed to the local court. From there, a warrant will be issued if the person does not abide by the conditions stated in the warrant. If the person violates the conditions stated in the warrant, additional charges could be filed. Without proper documentation, the court may not issue the warrant. The warrants are public record and can be found in the county courthouse for each and every registered person.

Warrant records are only considered public information when there are reasonable suspicion that a person has committed a crime. This means the suspect has to be arrested for the crime in question. Warrant records will not be considered public records if the person has never been arrested or has an insufficient amount of probable cause to have a warrant issued against them. Warrant searches can be executed by law enforcement agencies or county attorneys.

The process of getting a person’s warrant records is not too difficult. If a person wants access to their warrant records, they will need to fill out a request form that is filed with the local courthouse. A warrant search request can be made either online or in person. The forms are fairly simple and are typically confidential. It is important to remember that people who are looking up warrant information are not allowed to disclose any details on themselves, nor are they allowed to ask other people about their search.