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Botetourt County Sheriffs Office205 North Roanoke StreetFincastleVA24090540-473-8230
Botetourt-Craig Regional Jail205 North Roanoke StreetFincastleVA24090540-473-8202
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What Are Warrant Records?

What are warrants? Well, a warrant is simply a legal document from the court that says you have to produce your person or thing before a certain time limit. Wartime warrants may be general ones which allow the police or other officials to search and arrest people without any court formalities, or special warrants, which are more specific and often specific to a person. In Virginia, warrants are used for many reasons: investigating and catching criminals, to apprehend missing persons, executing custody of children, apprehending witnesses, and many others. The laws about warrants are rather complex and you would definitely need someone with extensive experience in the law in order to understand them.

Warrant records are basically public documents, which mean that the public can have access to them. However, there are some limitations on their distribution. They can be obtained directly from the court where the case was filed, from the office of circuit court records, from the National Crime Information Center, or through some private and commercial databases.

Before you can obtain a warrant, you have to have a very convincing reason. Usually, the first step in obtaining one is a “bailiff’s warrant.” This is used when the suspect does not show up for his arraignment. The bailiff then applies for a warrant of arrest by stating a reason why the person should be arrested. Usually, they will show evidence that the person has committed a crime like robbery or rape.

If these reasons are not enough, criminal records databases may be used as a foundation for the warrant. If the person does not have criminal records, a warrant will be issued. Searching and looking for criminal records in a person’s background is very difficult, and there are many technical difficulties involved in determining whether a person has criminal records.

A better solution is to conduct a criminal records search through the county courthouse in Botetourt. Although it is free, the information you can retrieve would cost between twenty five dollars and one hundred dollars. The problem with this is that you are only able to look up the public records for Virginia, and not for other states. Other than that, the process is quite simple. There are toll-free numbers that provide access to these kinds of records.

Besides the criminal records, warrant records are also available through marriage and divorce records. This can be very useful if you are planning to hire someone to work in your home or at your place of business. When you are looking for background information about an employee, the best way to go about it is using a professional criminal records search. You will be able to discover the person’s past and present employment, as well as his previous marriage and divorce records.