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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(891)Accomack County Police Departments
Bloxom Police Department26215 Shore Main DriveBloxomVA23308757-665-4315
Accomack County Police Departments
Chincoteague Police Department6150 Community DriveChincoteagueVA23336757-336-3155
Hallwood Police Department11479 Ridge AvenueHallwoodVA23359757-824-5574
Onancock Police Department15 North StreetOnancockVA23417757-787-8577
Onley Police Department25559 East Main StreetOnleyVA23418757-787-4552
Parksley Police Department18504 Dunne AvenueParksleyVA23421757-665-5803
Tangier Police Department4301 Joshua Thomas LaneTangierVA23440757-891-2438
Virginia State Police Division 5 Area 31 - Melfa27384 Lankford HighwayMelfaVA23410757-787-5813
Accomack County Sheriff Department
Accomack County Sheriffs Office / Accomack County Jail23323 Wise CourtAccomacVA23301757-787-1131
Accomack County Probation Department
Accomack County Probation Department23328 Front StreetAccomacVA23301757-787-5890
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How to Check For Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Accomack County Virginia are one of the most crucial pieces of information that you will need to be familiar with if you are a potential employer. Warrant records are used in many different situations such as investigating a person for a sex offense, or catching someone else in the act of committing a crime. These records can often give you the peace of mind that your children are in safe hands, and you can relax at home knowing that someone other than yourself is keeping tabs on them. However, having access to this type of legal documentation can be difficult if you don’t live in Accomack County. If you do have access to the documents then it’s best to know what you are looking at because doing so can help you make a less costly mistake.

Warrant Records in Accomack County Virginia are one of the most heavily guarded documents in the county. The reason for this is that the authorities hold a lot of information on a person. This includes not just sexual and adult related information but also details on every move the person has made in the last seven years. That means if you run across a person who was arrested for suspicion of a sex offense or even for driving under the influence, you can get a copy of the person’s arrest record. The problem comes in when that information is available to people other than law enforcement.

In many states a person can be arrested without having actually been convicted of a crime. That’s because some charges can be filed under an “innocent spouse” or “contempt of court” charge. Many states will allow these charges to be dropped if there are reasonable suspicions that the suspect committed a certain crime. But that doesn’t stop people from using them to their advantage.

If you want to be as precise as possible when checking up on a potential hire then you need to find out the person’s past. A good place to start is at the person’s previous place of residence. This may seem obvious but you would be surprised how many people have no idea where they live until they get a question answered. It is best to get the name of the previous place of residency as well as the current address. Then you can check with the court house to see if the person has ever been declared bankrupt or had any traffic offenses on his/her record. Just because it’s not something you want to know about doesn’t mean it should be kept secret.

One of the most obvious places to look for a warrant is in the local police department. You can go down to the station and ask to speak to an officer who will be able to give you the details on whether or not the warrant is valid. You may also be referred to a supervisor who will be able to tell you more detailed information. But be careful – if there is an outstanding warrant out for your person’s arrest then he/she will be informing the police department right away. That could cause trouble when you go to work the next day!

Another option is to check out the county records. These are more expensive as compared to the police department records but are still easy to find. However since these records are maintained manually, they are prone to mistakes. So be prepared to pay a small fee to have these records fixed. But if you are serious about checking if a person has a criminal background, then it’s recommended that you use one of the online services to do your search. These sites are fast, efficient and very easy to use.