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(1099)Grayson County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Grayson County Probation Department129 State Route T 1101IndependenceVA24348276-773-2515
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Grayson County Sheriff's OfficePO Box 160IndependenceVA24348276-773-3241
Grayson County Sheriffs Office335 East Main StreetIndependenceVA24348276-773-3241
Fries Police Department316 West Main StreetFriesVA24330276-744-2231
Independence Police Department136 East Main StreetIndependenceVA24348276-773-3661
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What Is a Warrant Records?

Warrant Records in Grayson County Virginia are maintained by the Circuit Court of Broad View. The warrants are issued by the Circuit Court of Pulaski County in the Judicial District of Putnam and Bladen counties. In Putnam County, warrants are issued by the Circuit Court of Green Virginia and in Bladen county, they are issued by the Circuit Court of Pulaski. They are orders of a Circuit Court for the purposes of executing some official act by a specified person or for the correction of some official act otherwise required. When a warrant is issued, it gives the police all the right to hunt and arrest the person, who is named on the warrant. However, warrants are rarely carried out.

The right to privacy of a person is breached when there is a search made on any person by any officer of the law. Warrant records keep track of everything that a person has done. In a sense, the warrant covers all the rights of a person. Warrant records give you the right to know whether the person who was arrested on suspicion of having committed some offense actually committed the crime that he is accused of.

The record will contain all the information that the police want to know about the accused person. The details of the crime that the person is accused of and other matters related to the commission of the crime are all contained in the report that is generated by the circuit court judge. If you think that a warrant is generated without basis, then you can go to the court and get the copy of the warrant. However, you need to produce your fingerprints for submitting the request. If you are not able to present your fingerprints then the request will be denied.

Warrant records help the police in tracking down a person who has committed a crime. Without a record, it is impossible to trace a person and arrest him. The police can only rely on witness testimony, and in many cases, lack of evidence to pin the crime on a certain person. Warrant records can prove that a person is legally married, whether or not he has ever been divorced. They also reveal if a person has ever been involved in any criminal activity such as theft, fraud, or drug possession. They also reveal if a person has ever been convicted of DUI or any other driving offense.

Warrant records are available for free, but you can get more detailed and recent information through various online sites. If you know where to look, you can have the criminal history of a person almost instantly. There are many private companies that provide such information. If you want to do a background check on someone then you can also get the information from these companies. You can use this information to avoid making wrong decisions when meeting a person or going on a business relation with someone. You can check for the name, date of birth, date of marriage or birth and any other vital information that pertains to the person you want to meet.

Warrant records can be used by employers to ensure the accuracy of their applicants’ documents and background information. It can prevent the occurrence of identity theft. This can be especially important because of the increasing rate of identity theft in the US. A person who is accused of a criminal offense, even if they are not actually charged with that crime, can have their record reported to the FBI and this can be extremely important should a job application be turned down due to an inaccurate criminal record.