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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1605)Southampton County Police Departments
Boykins Police Department18206 Virginia AvenueBoykinsVA23827757-654-6361
Southampton County Police Departments
Courtland Police Department22219 Meherrin RoadCourtlandVA23837757-653-2222
Franklin City Police Department1018 Pretlow StreetFranklinVA23851757-562-8576
Newsoms Police Department29056 Everett StreetNewsomsVA23874757-654-6731
Virginia State Police Division 5 Area 34 - Courtland30010 Camp ParkwayCourtlandVA23837757-562-3004
Southampton County Sheriff Department
Southampton County Sheriffs Office / Southampton County Jail22336 Main StreetCourtlandVA23837757-653-2100
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Free Searching For Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Southampton County Virginia are one of the best kept files within the state. It is possible to search for public records by the name of the person, or more specifically the arrest warrant or civil commitment record. There is also information about a persons criminal past, if they have ever been arrested or convicted. The public has the right to access this information as it is a matter of public record. However one of the major problems that people run into when they want to search for these records is finding the information fast and easy.

There is an easy way to do this. All you need to do is use an online service to find a person’s public arrest warrant. To do this, all you need to do is enter the persons full name and any additional details regarding their arrest. A search will then be initiated and results will be displayed. The good thing about performing this search online is that you will be able to save time and money.

If the name you entered is not available through the results, then it is highly likely that you will not find anything. You are not likely to get results about a warrant records for someone with the last name you provided. This is because these types of records are maintained by the local government agencies and they do not release them to the general public. Therefore, to get this type of information you will have to hire a private detective or a courthouse clerk.

One of the biggest problems is that not everyone knows how to spell the person’s full name correctly. If the name that you have entered is misspelled, then the search may give you the wrong information. You could also come up empty handed if you do not know the name of the jurisdiction in which the warrant was issued. For example, if the warrant was issued in New Jersey and the person is from Florida, then you will not be able to find the warrant since Florida does not have a jurisdiction over warrants in New Jersey.

Warrant records can tell you a lot about a person. It tells you whether or not the person was arrested and whether or not they had a warrant out for their arrest. In some cases it can tell you about prior offenses. It can show you where the person has lived for a long period of time as well as where they have worked. This information is very useful to law enforcement officers as well as other professionals such as employers.

You may want to perform a free search on a couple of warrants that are similar to the name you entered in your query. However, the results you will receive will not give you all the information that you need. If the name of the person you want to search for is a common one, then you should be able to locate the record for free. If you enter a name for a person that is reserved in the database but whose record you are trying to locate, then it will most likely cost you money to get the details that you are seeking.