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Northampton County Sheriffs Office / Eastern Shore Regional Jail5211 The HornesEastvilleVA23347757-678-0495
Cape Charles Police Department2 T-1113Cape CharlesVA23310757-331-3096
Chesapeake Bay Bridge And Tunnel Police32386 Lankford HighwayCape CharlesVA23310757-331-2960
Exmore Police Department3305 Main StreetExmoreVA23350757-442-5405
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Where to Find Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Northampton County Virginia are public documents and they list any and all warrants that have been issued in that particular county. If you have any information about a warrant then you can check to see if your local courthouse will have this information available. These records will tell you if the warrant was issued under a criminal conviction or under a civil commitment, or under both circumstances at one time. You will also know the period of time the warrant was active.

Warrants are one of the most serious legal matters a person can face, because once a warrant is issued it has to be carried out. It is not just an issue of walking into the courthouse and applying for a warrant. Warrants must be produced to a law enforcement officer. They must be signed by a Notary Public and they must be given a date certain to secure signature. When the warrant is completed the signature on the document is a legally binding command that the person is now free to do what they want with the person who was issued the warrant.

In some instances, the warrant will specify the crime the person is accused of. In other instances it will state that the person has committed a crime without including the element of a crime. Other times, it will merely state that there is a probable cause that a person has committed a specified crime.

There are many different types of warrant that may be found in Northampton County Virginia. A common type of warrant is a violation of a Virginia sex crime. This warrant would be for an instance where a person is charged with committing statutory rape. A more common type of warrant is one that refers to theft. This could be for stealing a television or another item. Yet another is for simple larceny, which is not a very serious charge.

It is possible to access warrant records by searching online. There are many different websites that provide a service where a person can perform a search. These services do charge a fee, and generally allow a person to access a person’s records from their computer. The charges are typically much less than what it would cost a county or state to actually maintain the database.

In the event a person needs to perform a warrant record search, they should make sure that the website they choose provides this kind of accessibility. If the website does not allow a person to perform a search without paying a fee, then they will need to turn elsewhere. If a person already knows the name of someone who they believe may have a warrant out for their arrest, they may be able to look for this information online themselves. Sometimes it may be easier to hire a private detective to dig into a person’s background on their own. However, many people prefer to perform a warrant check on their own and are glad to know that there are many online sources that can help.