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How to Search For Warrants Online

If you are searching for Virginia Warrants Records in Goochland County, Virginia, you have come to the right place. Warrant Records in Virginia are one of the most crucial documents about a person’s criminal activity. They prove the fact that a person was arrested and convicted of a crime. Such records also help law enforcement officials in the identification of fugitives from justice and people with mental illness. For any legal proceedings against any individual, these records play a significant role.

Warrants are the official documents that identify a person who has been arrested for any of the crimes committed in the state of Virginia. Warrants allow police to track a person’s movements and further investigate any criminal activity that they may be involved in. People who get convicted of a felony, conspiracy or solicitation are required by law to give police a copy of their criminal records in the event that they are released from jail.

The only way to obtain this information in the absence of a warrant is to apply for a search through the Virginia State Police or the Virginia Superior Court. In many instances, people whose records have already been sealed cannot submit an application for a search. These people can still submit a request to the court if they want to search for any other records about a person. However, the records are only accessible after a person pays a nominal fee.

If a person wants to get access to the most current information about a person’s criminal history in Virginia, he should make sure that he submits an application with the Virginia State Police or the Virginia Superior Court. He should provide the name, birth date, social security number and date of birth in addition to the name, address, warrant of arrest and date of issuance of the warrant. In some cases, additional information such as occupation, employer or license number may also be required. After submitting the application, he will be able to search the database to check if the person’s warrant is already canceled or if it remains active.

Another option is to hire a private detective to perform a warrant search for you. Most private detectives offer a warrant search service in two versions. The first is the instant search which covers the entire criminal history of a person including warrant issued, arrest, court documents and other pertinent information. The second type of search is the slow search which yields more detailed information. The first option is usually used by individuals to perform criminal checks on someone they are planning to hire while the second option is used by businesses to verify their employees’ background before hiring them.

You can do a free criminal search on Internet to determine if someone has warrants issued against him. But it is not guaranteed that the results will be accurate. Free search only provides a general idea of the person’s background including the crime he was convicted of and when. There is no guarantee that you will obtain the right details since different states have different record-keeping procedures and record-keeping requirements. It is recommended that you do a paid search to get more accurate details.