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(1230)King William County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
King William County Sheriffs Office351 Courthouse RoadKing WilliamVA23086804-769-0999
King William County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Virginia State Police Division 1 Area 3 - West Point32303 King William RoadWest PointVA23181804-843-3171
West Point Police Department433 12th StreetWest PointVA23181804-843-2800
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You can search for the personal history of anyone in King William County, Virginia through access to warrant records. Warrant records contain all information on an individual who has been arrested or detained for suspicion of wrongdoing. These records have to be filed with the King William County courthouse so that they can be accessed by the public. If you are doing a background search on an individual, such as employment history, property taxes, driving records, etc, you will need to do a public records search. Warrant records are one of the best ways of locating someone. Here’s how it works.

When there is a suspicion of a person’s involvement in a crime, the police are usually called to perform an arrest. The suspect is then taken into custody and taken to the station where he is put under arrest. The suspect will often be fingerprinted so that it can be matched to the person who has been arrested on suspicion of a crime. There may also be other reasons why the person was arrested.

After the arrest, the person will be questioned by the authorities. This questioning will typically continue until the suspect explains the entire situation. At this point, the suspect can choose to release their information or remain silent and produce their records. If they are silent, but refuse to give any further information, they will most likely be placed in jail.

It is possible that a person can obtain their own copy of their criminal records. Depending on the jurisdiction in which the offense happened, the person may be able to obtain the records quickly. They will simply have to visit the county courthouse or county sheriff’s office where the offense took place.

Once a person obtains their record, they can look it up online. In some cases, a person only needs their name and full address. Other types of record include a person’s name, address, employer, and so forth. These types of records can be requested from the Federal Bureau of Prison, Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Crime Information Center, and other authorized agencies. There are also many websites that offer free access to these government databases.

Many people are unaware that they can have their criminal records expunged. This means that once the sentence has been completed, the records are wiped from the person’s file. This does not mean that the person has been found not guilty. It simply means that the prosecutor or judge has decided not to pursue the case any further. This does not mean that the person is now free to commit the crime again. The crime is still legally open, and the person is still required to check in with the local police department to ensure that they are not on the sex offenders list.