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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Gate City Police Department156 East Jackson StreetGate CityVA24251276-386-6363
Scott County Police Departments
Gate City Police Department176 East Jackson StreetGate CityVA24251276-386-6363
Weber City Police Department424 U.s. 23Weber CityVA24290276-386-7201
Weber City Police Department2758 U.s. 23Weber CityVA24290276-386-1369
Scott County Sheriff Departments
Scott County Sheriff's Office336 Water StreetGate CityVA24251276-386-7679
Scott County Sheriffs Office267 Willow StreetGate CityVA24251276-386-7679
Scott County Probation Department
Scott County Probation Department105 West Jackson StreetGate CityVA24251276-386-9561
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How To Lookup A Warrant

Warrant Records in Scott County Virginia are kept in the county’s courthouse, at least at this time. In all likelihood, they were stored there when the first white settlers arrived in what we now call northern Virginia. At the time, no one really thought of keeping these records, as they were considered free for all to obtain. However, the laws today have changed and warrant searches are now conducted in most counties. So how is this done?

If you are a law abiding citizen, then by law you are entitled to a copy of your criminal history. Any records of arrests should be forwarded to your local police station. Arrest records can reveal much. They will include the person’s full name, date of birth, social security number, and date of arrest. You can also request these records on someone else, but that can be difficult, especially if they have moved around town or state. Most people have moved around quite a bit and it can be very difficult to find out where they have lived in the past.

Warrant records are only available to a law enforcement officer for the initial search. If you wish to look up a person’s warrant records then you will have to contact the sheriffs office in the county in which the person lives. There will usually be a fee involved unless you are going to use the information for something other than checking up on a person. Sometimes you will be asked to pay for the report if you need to search it further.

If you wish to look up an individual’s criminal history, then you can contact the Bureau of Investigations (BI) in the state in which the person lives. Again, there will likely be a charge for the search, although not necessarily a large one. The fees will be more than $25 for an individual record and more than a few hundred dollars for a record of an entire life. It is important to note that a warrant can only be searched in person, so you may have to pay someone to bring a computer to a local police station in order to get the information.

Some areas have made their information available on the Internet. However, most of the information will be limited to local areas only. Searching for records outside of your area code can be frustrating.

Finally, if you have any reason to believe that a person may be misrepresenting themselves, you can call up the local courthouse and ask for information on a particular person. Chances are the person may not have a record, and there may be a good reason for you to be looking for it. warrants are one way to help to verify a person’s identity and to keep your family safe. Warrant records can help to make this a reality.