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(1351)New Kent County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
New Kent County Sheriff's Office12001 Courthouse CircleNew KentVA23124804-966-9500
New Kent County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
New Kent County Sheriffs Office11995 Courthouse CircleNew KentVA23124804-966-9500
Henrico County Regional Jail - East17320 New Kent HighwayBarhamsvilleVA23011804-652-1100
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Searching Warrant Records

Warrant records, also known as arrest records or court records are required to be filed and maintained by every law enforcement authority within the jurisdiction. This is essential for agencies and organizations such as the FBI, IRS, state police, etc. to have access to these files when they are conducting their operations. Such files shall provide the necessary information on an individual who has been arrested for suspicion of crime which has not been established yet.

The government holds all the criminal cases occurring in U.S. Federal, State, County and City laws and proceedings and warrants that have been issued. Warrant records are used to serve a legal duty to protect the public from violation of law. Such violations may include acts like assault, burglary, disorderly conduct, eavesdropping and seizure. There are several reasons on why this is very important to the society.

One reason is that people who are suspects in any pending case have the right to privacy. Warrant records shall be accessible to law officials only upon proper request. Another reason is that warrant records are considered as public records and may be accessed by any person for the authorized purpose of investigation. Warrant records shall contain the name of the person who was served with the summons, the date of issuance, name of arresting officer, any other police action taken against the person including number of times he or she has been arrested, charges filed against him and other details related to his or her arrest. It shall also contain the name of the prosecutor and the date of his or her appointment.

The use of warrant records has become a popular search among those who want to have information regarding any person who is on the sex offender’s list or other criminal records. Also, background check companies use them as well in order to verify the credentials of applicants who wants to hire. Besides, business organizations conducting business online need them to conduct background checks on their employees. Moreover, employers who want to make sure that their potential employees are not registered as registered criminals can conduct a criminal record check from the warrant records. They can either obtain the individual’s social security number, date of birth, current address and other relevant information through the records.

There are certain rules which are to be followed while performing a search from the warrant records. Before starting your search you need to find out if such an act is lawful. Conducting search without prior authorization from a judge is considered illegal. Moreover, you are required to inform the law enforcement authority before you start your search. Information provided by you during the search shall remain confidential. The law specifies a period within which the law enforcement authorities shall make public access to the information.

However, there are some warrant records which are sealed for public viewing except when there are judicial proceedings. You can learn about the criminal background of any person through his or her warrant records. The availability of warrants is vital in identifying suspects in any criminal cases. You can also perform a nationwide criminal background check on any person.