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Virginia State Police Division 5 Area 35 - Emporia2361 Sussex DriveEmporiaVA23847434-634-4454
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Warrant records are one of the most important records that must be maintained in a person’s local jurisdiction. These records contain information that is either relevant or significant to the case in which the person is charged with wrongdoing. The Warrant Records in Greensville County Virginia are maintained and updated by the local police departments and Federal Bureau of Investigation.

A record that is considered “public” is one that can be viewed by the general public. Warrant records are not the same as criminal background records, and are only a portion of what a person can expect when they go to a courthouse for some type of legal proceedings. Warrant records only contain relevant information regarding the person in question. For example, there may be information contained in a warrant that pertains to drug activity in some circumstances. However, that information will only be revealed in a court of law if a judge signs the warrant or it is found that there is probable cause to do so.

Government agencies like the FBI keep detailed records about an individual’s “infamous” or “perceived” acts. Warrant records allow law enforcement to trace a person who has fled the scene of a crime or an individual involved in a felony. Additionally, warrant information can be useful when hiring an individual or looking into whether a person has any weapons that could harm others. In many instances, warrant information can also be used to track down missing persons. The use of warrant information can also be helpful when it comes to confirming the identity of someone on a list.

Any time a person is arrested for any type of criminal activity or offense, they are required to supply the arresting officers with a copy of their personal records. Some states allow an individual to request that their criminal activity records be destroyed but many do not. Warrant searches help protect the rights of an individual and can help to reduce miscarriages of justice. If a person has a warrant out for their arrest, it can make it very difficult to get bail and can even result in the person being returned to jail. Warrant searches are important to investigate the reasons for a person’s arrest and to discover any criminal activity that may have taken place.

Most warrant searches are performed by police officers because they are the most knowledgeable about criminal law. However, if you need to search for a person’s warrant, you can also perform a standard online warrant search. The main benefit of performing a search online is that it can give you the most current information available. The reason is that police officers are required to maintain records of all arrests. While the information is maintained in the police department’s station, local courts usually have access to it through requests made through their office.

The process of obtaining warrant records is not as difficult as you might imagine. If you know the person’s name and the crime for which they were arrested, you can find out what their warrant is. If there is no record of the person’s name in local court, you can perform an Internet search using a website that provides access to public records. Once you find the information you are looking for, you can learn if there is a public record available.