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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(953)Brunswick County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Brunswick County Sheriff's OfficePO Box 705LawrencevilleVA23868434-848-3133
Brunswick County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Brunswick County Sheriffs Office / Brunswick County Jail120 East Hicks StreetLawrencevilleVA23868434-848-6003
Alberta Police Department136 West 1st AvenueAlbertaVA23821434-949-7443
Brodnax Police Department28 Main StreetBrodnaxVA23920434-729-3191
Lawrenceville Police Department400 North Main StreetLawrencevilleVA23868434-848-2141
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How to Search Warrant Records in Virginia

Warrant Records in Brunswick County Virginia hold much more than just criminal records. In fact, if you have a reason to search for someone’s warrant, it may be one of the best reasons to do so. Warrant Records in Virginia are public information and all that you will need to do is obtain a copy from the courthouse. This will give you the person’s full name and current status under the law.

If there is an outstanding warrant out for your arrest, the clerk will give you the person’s full name, date of birth, address (including town and state if different), and any other details that may be relevant. You can then mail or fax these records back to the courthouse. You are not required to show proof of your identification during this search.

Most of the time, the record only lists the name of the person accused of the crime, along with their date of birth and any other information pertinent to the case. If there is an outstanding warrant out for your arrest, it will list the name of the person who owns the warrant, their address, and other relevant information. You will also find out the reason for the warrant. Some warrants may have to do with missing work, a stolen vehicle, or a number of other infractions. If a warrant does float your name, you can be certain that you will not be released until proper legal procedures are completed.

Warrant Records in Virginia may also show you the status of an outstanding criminal charge. While warrants for most crimes are canceled at the end of their time in jail, some crimes require an applicant to submit a bond. When a person doesn’t appear at their court date, their bond amount is automatically cancelled and the warrant moves forward. These records will tell you if your warrant requires a bond and how much your potential savings could be if you were to skip out on your court date.

Warrant Records in Virginia may also help you if you want to check up on your neighbors. If you live in a gated community, you can always look into your neighbors to make sure they aren’t doing drugs or committing a crime. This type of search allows you to see who is in your neighborhood at the moment and what they are doing. It is a good idea to check this information out before you startle an unwanted guest in your home.

When you use warrant records in Virginia, you are going to find an endless amount of information. Any felony charge can require a warrant for your arrest. In addition, some minor crimes such as DUIs might not even require a warrant. If you are ever stopped by a police officer, one of the first things the officer will ask you to produce is your warrant.