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Surry County Sheriffs Office45 School StreetSurryVA23883757-294-5264
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Accessing Warrant Records

Warrant Records are one of the most sensitive types of records that we have around the globe. They have been used for many years to assist law enforcement agencies in the detection of criminals. In fact, warrant is defined as “a written commitment, court order or decree authorizing an individual to be arrested for a specified crime.” This type of document gives law enforcement agents a person’s identity, location, and commission of the crime, if applicable. These records may also be utilized by employers for verification purposes.

Warrant records in Surry County, Virginia are public information. However, one has to follow certain rules and regulations before one can obtain them. First, you need to file a request for searching criminal arrest warrant records in the jurisdiction of the circuit court where the offense took place.

You may file for a search either personally or through the state police. However, the latter would be the fastest way to obtain such records. Once the documents are received at the office, they will be checked to confirm whether they contain any useful information regarding the person who was wanted for criminal prosecution. If the records do not contain sufficient information, then your request will be denied. If you do not know what to expect when you visit the department, it is advisable that you contact the court clerk or a lawyer for help in handling the request.

There are different categories under which warrants are classified. An order of arrest will be an arrest warrant. This means that the person does not have the right to go free in any corner of the world because an arrest warrant has been issued against him. You will be informed about the details of the case through the arrest warrant. Criminal records that pertain to an individual are called criminal records.

The process of requesting for the information relating to a criminal record starts when the name is entered in the system of the Centralized Search Engine. From there, you will be able to select the type of search that you want to carry out. This can either be name-based or data-based searches. The data-based search requires that more than one person be involved in the search so as to ascertain the correctness of the details.

Warrant records keep track of people’s history. This is the reason why you have to be careful when choosing your lawyer. There are many lawyers who offer online services but it is important to make sure that you only work with those who offer services in person. By choosing this option, you will ensure that you only hire lawyers who are experienced in handling warrants. Warrant searches are important in making sure that your loved ones or your business are safe from any wrongdoers.