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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1603)Shenandoah County Police Departments
Edinburg Police Department101 Town Hall AvenueEdinburgVA22824540-984-3434
Shenandoah County Police Departments
Mount Jackson Police Department75 Main StreetMount JacksonVA22842540-477-2242
New Market Police Department9418 John Sevier RoadNew MarketVA22844540-740-3776
Strasburg Police Department174 East King StreetStrasburgVA22657540-465-5230
Strasburg Police Department57 East King StreetStrasburgVA22657540-465-5230
Woodstock Police Department134 North Muhlenberg StreetWoodstockVA22664540-459-2141
Shenandoah County Sheriff Department
Shenandoah County Sheriffs Office / Shenandoah County Jail109 West Court StreetWoodstockVA22664540-459-6100
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The Basics of How to Lookup Someone’s Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Shenandoah County Virginia hold much data on individuals that are either charged with or convicted of a crime. These are the same records that the FBI and other local law enforcement agencies utilize. This means that these criminal records can be utilized by employers, landlords and others for whatever purposes they see fit. They can also be utilized when hiring employees, conducting background checks on individuals and in many cases as part of a divorce case, when one party may wish to have information about the other party.

The first place one should look to see if they have a warrant is their local courthouse. However, the courthouse in each county might not list all the warrants that exist in their area. You will also need to contact the Records Division of the Circuit Court of Pulaski County in your area, this is the only place that the records are maintained. There is a fee involved, but it is minimal and worth the money if you have any doubts as to the person you are checking out.

If the person you want to check out has no record in Pulaski County, you can try contacting the circuit court in the county where the person lives or resides. This may be a faster and easier way to get information about a person however, you may have to submit an application and wait a day or so for the response. If the answer is positive, then you have the person’s record in hand. If it turns out that there is no record, you are left with the next best option; Go to the Record Clerk’s Office. You will most likely have to fill out an application and pay a nominal fee for processing the search. This is done in hopes that you are using the person’s real name and not some other name.

Once you have found the person’s record, you can use it to check up on their past. There are several reasons for using a warrant records. If you are hiring someone to either work at your business or at your home, then you need to know who they are before you allow them on your property. If you have children at home, you are responsible for watching out for them. This means that you need to be able to check up on anyone you feel could be a danger to your children. In this case, a person’s criminal history is a very valuable piece of information to have.

If you feel that you are being wronged by a person, then a search of their background is a perfect way to find out the truth. If you suspect your spouse of cheating on you or even of being unfaithful, a warrant can be used as proof that there is something wrong. If you are dating someone for a long period of time and you start to have doubts, a search of their past can reveal things that you may have missed if you had not used a warrant. You should always use caution when it comes to your own safety, so why not make your own living safe as well?

Warrant records are available online from various government and public records. However, these searches will only be available to you if the person you want to search has been convicted of a crime. Because of this restriction, most people are not aware of these records. This is why you should make sure that you know exactly who you are dealing with before you start dating or marrying them.