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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1370)Newberry County Police Departments
Newberry Police Department1507 Nance StreetNewberrySC29108803-321-1010
Newberry County Police Departments
Prosperity Police Department250 School DriveProsperitySC29127803-364-2121
South Carolina State Highway Patrol - Post A Headquarters275 Mount Bethel Garmany RoadNewberrySC29108803-276-6112
Whitmire Police Department210 Main StreetWhitmireSC29178803-694-2121
Newberry County Sheriff Departments
Newberry County Sheriff's Office3491 Main StreetNewberrySC29108803-321-2211
Newberry County Sheriffs Office520 Wilson RoadNewberrySC29108803-321-2211
Newberry County Probation Department
Newberry County Probation Services1309 College StreetNewberrySC29108803-321-2115
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Overview Of Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Newberry County South Carolina are created by a Process Server. These records contain basic information such as the name of the individual, their date of birth, social security number, and other pertinent information that can help with an identity theft investigation. The best thing about these online records is that they are completely free.

Warrant Records can be searched for one of two purposes. First, they can be used to identify if a person has been arrested on suspicion of crime. Second, they can be used as evidence against that person in a legal proceeding. Both of these purposes require that the warrants be properly executed and that the information contained within them is maintained.

Within the records themselves, you will find an order of arrest. This is what allows police to obtain a person’s fingerprints, iris (the colored portion of the eye), and other things to perform a thorough investigation. Once an arrest has been made, the records will state the date and location of the arrest. It will also contain the name, address, and phone number of the arresting officer. The record will also state whether or not the person has any previous warrants for their arrest.

Another important piece of information that is found within the records is what the validity of the warrant is. What is this? It will say if it was issued by a judge and what jurisdiction it is under. For instance, a warrant for someone living in Columbia would be different from one for someone living in Spartanburg.

If you are looking into hiring someone to work for you at home or in your office, you will want to know all of this information as well. Do not trust that your babysitter who works for you is going to give you complete information. Chances are, she is probably not. However, you also cannot hire someone to watch your children when you have no idea if they are qualified or not. Warrant records help to ease concerns like these by giving you all of the information you need to make an informed decision about who you can hire to watch your kids.

In some cases, people have been accused of something they did not do. This information is not only helpful in determining innocence, but also helps in outing a person who has been wrongly accused. With this information, you can see if there are any inconsistencies in the story and confront the person who is saying untrue things. This saves valuable time and money and protects you and your family from further danger. As frightening as it may be, having someone enter your home without permission is a concern that should be addressed immediately.