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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1249)Dillon County Police Departments
City Of Dillon Police Department401 West Main StreetDillonSC29536843-774-0051
Dillon County Police Departments
Lake View Police Department205 North Main StreetLake ViewSC29563843-759-2119
Lake View Town Hall205 North Main StreetLake ViewSC29563843-759-2119
Latta Police Department109 Northwest Railroad AvenueLattaSC29565843-752-4718
Latta Police Department107 Northwest Railroad AvenueLattaSC29565843-752-4718
Dillon County Sheriff Departments
Dillon County Sheriff's Office305 West Hampton StreetDillonSC29536843-774-1432
Dillon County Sheriffs Office303 West Hampton StreetDillonSC29536843-774-1432
Dillon County Probation Department
Dillon County Probation Department105 South 3rd AvenueDillonSC29536843-774-1026
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Criminal Records Search – Warrant Records Can Be Obtained Online

Warrant Records are one of the most important public records that the State of South Carolina keeps track of. What exactly are they and how do they help you or your business? In order to find out if someone has been arrested for a crime, a person can use this type of record to get information on their background. It will reveal if they have ever been convicted of a crime, when and where they were arrested and other information that is found on a background check. Warrant records are available for anyone who needs to find out this information.

Warrant records are compiled from local police departments, courts, corrections agencies and other criminal records databases. This information is then stored in numerous locations throughout the state. If you are searching for a person’s court records, you will need to find the clerk of court in the county they were arrested. The same holds true for other types of criminal records as well. Once you find this information, you can then search through the reports to see what you want.

One of the main reasons that these types of records are used is for employment purposes. If an employer is hiring a new employee, they may want to take a peek at their criminal background. It does not matter if they are applying to work at a local restaurant, at a local business, at a particular company or for any other type of job. They can be sure that the person has a clean slate, which eliminates the chances of them hiring someone with a criminal past.

People who are suspicious about someone may want to perform a search on their criminal history. If they are planning to hire someone or do business with them, then it is crucial to make sure they are not going to hire someone with a record. Warrant records allow you to be able to search through this type of report anytime and anywhere.

There are many different reasons why someone would need access to this type of record. It could be that they are trying to verify a persons age. Or it could be because they are trying to determine if they have been married before. It could be that they are looking to hire a child minder to watch over their children when they are out of town on business. Warrant records are used in many different ways in our society. So, if you ever feel you are about to hire someone or do business with someone that is questionable, then you can perform a criminal records check on them instantly online.

Now, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when performing a search on someone else’s criminal records. First of all, you should know that warrant records are considered to be public records. Therefore, if you perform a search and do not find the information you are looking for, you are not supposed to be in violation of the law. You are also not supposed to disclose that you are looking for the information as it might reveal your intentions to the person you are searching for. Keep this in mind because there are many people who do not take any action when they find out that there is a criminal record being conducted on them.