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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1371)Oconee County Police Departments
Salem Police Department5 Park AvenueSalemSC29676864-944-2819
Oconee County Police Departments
Seneca Police Department205 North Depot StreetSenecaSC29678
Walhalla Police Department101 East Main StreetWalhallaSC29691864-638-4342
West Union Police Department1442 West Main StreetWest UnionSC29696864-638-9978
Westminster Police Department100 East Windsor StreetWestminsterSC29693864-647-3222
Westminster Police Department106 East Windsor StreetWestminsterSC29693864-647-3222
Oconee County Sheriff Departments
Oconee County Sheriff's Office208 Booker DriveWalhallaSC29691864-638-4111
Oconee County Sheriffs Office / Oconee County Detention Center300 South Church StreetWalhallaSC29691864-638-4111
Oconee County Probation Department
Oconee County Probation Department203 Booker DriveWalhallaSC29691864-638-4255
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Conducting Warrant Records Searches Online

Warrant Records in Oconee County, South Carolina, contain data pertaining to the criminal activity of every person living in the county. These records contain the person’s name, date of birth, present address (if different from previous addresses), the criminal acts for which the person is charged, case status, whether or not the case has been resolved, the charges against the person, and the outcome of the case. Warrant Records in Oconee County also contain information regarding prior marriage records for each person.

Warrant Records are maintained and processed by the clerk of court in each county. The process of maintaining these records begins in the county where the crime occurred. The records are then forwarded to the circuit courts of the state for forwarding to the Department of Corrections. If the person was convicted of a felony, his records are forwarded to the Department of Corrections.

Warrant Records can also be requested from any local courthouse that holds the same records in your area. By visiting their office you can request a copy of the warrant. However, this option is often inconvenient, time consuming, and costly. Applying for a copy through the circuit court office will be the fastest and most convenient method. After filling out an application for a warrant, you will have to wait up to sixty days before receiving a response. If your request is denied, you can appeal the decision in writing.

There are certain requirements needed to access the details contained in a record such as the person’s name, date of birth, social security number, driver’s license number, and name of the employer. To view more specific information, the person’s fingerprints may need to be taken and run through a fingerprint database. After a finger print match is made, the person’s record is searched against the fingerprint data. This search will enable you to determine if the person has been convicted of a crime. If so, then the date of birth of the person can be found.

Obtaining a criminal record check online can be a better option. There are online databases that keep national and state records. The only requirement is that an applicant provide some basic information about the person. This can include the person’s full legal name, date of birth, social security number, and current address. If there is an active warrant out for the person’s arrest, the database will tell you as well.

Before running a warrant check, you should also make sure that you are not the subject of such a warrant. This will prevent you from having to pay a high price to find out the details of a warrant. Warrant records are confidential and cannot be accessed by anyone other than those with a legitimate need to know. Performing a criminal check can reveal many details about a person. This includes arrest history, divorce history, traffic offenses, and even previous convictions. With the availability of public records and the accessibility of the internet, anyone can conduct a criminal record check online from anywhere that an internet connection is available.