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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1247)Colleton County Police Departments
Colleton County Detention Center22 Klein StreetWalterboroSC29488843-549-5742
Colleton County Police Departments
Cottageville Police Department10913 Cottageville HighwayCottagevilleSC29435843-835-8655
Edisto Beach Police Department2414 Murray StreetEdistoSC29438843-869-2505
South Carolina Highway Patrol Troop 6 Post B100 Mable T Willis BoulevardWalterboroSC29488843-538-3129
Walterboro Police Department242 Hampton StreetWalterboroSC29488843-549-1811
Colleton County Sheriff Department
Colleton County Sheriffs Office112 South Miller StreetWalterboroSC29488843-549-2211
Colleton County Probation Department
Colleton County Probation Department115 Benson StreetWalterboroSC29488843-549-5333
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Warrant Records and How to Look Them Up

If you need to find out if someone you know is in any sort of legal trouble, you should turn to one of the many Colleton County South Carolina Public Records Search sites. This county is located in Washington County, which is in the state of South Carolina. You can check to see if someone you love, or a friend you are searching for has a warrant out for their arrest. The best place to do this is online at one of the online county clerk offices. Once you have this information, all you need to do is contact the courthouse in Colleton County and request the arrest warrant records. If the person you are checking on has lived in Colleton County since at least 2021, they should have their records available.

Warrant records show when a person has been arrested for suspicion of criminal activity. They also show when they were taken into custody. It also shows when the arrest took place, as well as what state the arrest was made in. You can search for criminal activity in any state, but information about the arrest is only available for that state.

People who are searching for records of this nature need to be aware that these records are considered public record. The fact that they are in public records means that anyone can access them. So, if you want to see if you next door neighbor has a warrant out for their arrest, you can go down to the courthouse in Colleton County and search through the records. If you need a record of a person who has moved since your last visit to their house, you may be able to get it by asking the current landlord for the records.

If the person you are investigating has any contact information, such as phone numbers or addresses, you may be able to get this from a public records search as well. It only takes a few seconds to complete this type of search online, and it will give you all kinds of valuable information. For instance, it will tell you if the person has ever been convicted of a crime, and if they have had any traffic violations. It will also tell you their social security number, date of birth, and other useful information.

There are a couple different types of warrants that are out there. If someone is arrested on suspicion of a crime, they can be placed in jail until they can go to court. If they do not have a valid warrant, they can be taken safely into custody without any more court appearances. When a warrant is issued for a person’s arrest, it says the suspect is to be held in local jail until the warrant is fulfilled. This warrant is called an arrest warrant.

Criminal defense attorneys are experts when it comes to checking to see if a person has any warrants out for their arrest. Sometimes this is done before the case even starts in a courtroom. Other times, they are hired right after the case is underway. Either way, once you learn that a person has a warrant out for their arrest, you should make sure to find out exactly what it is for. If you are ever stopped by a law enforcement official, you need to be able to show them the proper identification to prove you are who you say you are.