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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1364)Laurens County Police Departments
Laurens City Police Department201 West Main StreetLaurensSC29360864-984-3532
Laurens County Police Departments
Laurens City Police Department / Laurens City Jail250 West Laurens StreetLaurensSC29360864-681-0416
Laurens Police Department250 West Laurens StreetLaurensSC29360864-984-3532
Clinton Police Department404 North Broad StreetClintonSC29325864-833-7512
Whitten Center Police Department28373 U.s. 76ClintonSC29325
Laurens County Sheriff Departments
Laurens County Sheriff's OfficePO Box 68LaurensSC29360864-984-4967
Laurens County Sheriffs Office216 West Main StreetLaurensSC29360864-984-4967
Laurens County Probation Department
Laurens County Probation DepartmentPO Box 305LaurensSC29360864-984-4564
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Warrant Records Can Show If Someone Has Been Arrested

Warrant Records in Laurens County, South Carolina are important in a legal sense. In cases where a person is suspected of a crime or acts of a criminal nature, the authorities will issue a search warrant for the arrest of that person. The warrant will specify the place that the person is to be arrested and the laws and penalties that apply to the person who is arrested. It is important that an individual can find out what kind of warrant was issued for them so that they can make sure that it does not have any punitive actions against them. If there are any previous warrants then you will need to know about them so that you can avoid having to deal with those problems. In some cases you may want to remove the warrant from your court records.

Warrant Records in Laurens County South Carolina are maintained at the Judicial Department. There are many reasons as to why warrants may be issued by the Judicial Department. An Arrest warrant may be made when a person is charged with a crime that does not involve a weapon or when they are wanted on an outstanding warrant. You may want to know if you are wanted on a warrant when you are getting ready to hire a lawyer. If you hire an attorney that is licensed then you can check to see if the warrant has been lifted or if it still exists. In some cases you can get records from the Judicial Department to find out if you have a warrant issued against you.

Warrant records can also help you if you are interested in hiring a new employee to a business or in finding out more information about someone that you may know. When you are looking at a person’s background records then you have to be very careful that you are not being tricked into hiring a person with a past record. You will have to give out sensitive personal information about yourself or your family if you want to view any public records on that person. These records can be very damaging if you do not keep these documents confidential. You may find that the new employee will have access to your financial records and other sensitive information that you would rather keep private.

There are many reasons that you may want to search for these records on another person. Perhaps there is a new boyfriend or girlfriend trying to convince you to let them in to your life. They might be innocent but they are probably still wanted on another outstanding warrant. The last thing you want is to be arrested because you were helping them out of a jail and they got away. You may be put in jail if you give out your information or help them hide from the police.

You can run a criminal records check by visiting your local courthouse or doing a search online. You will need to provide some basic information about the person such as their full name, where they live, any current or previous addresses and contact numbers, social security number and current job. If you know the person has prior arrests then you can enter this information into the system as well. You can expect to get the person’s entire court records, which include minor offenses and felony charges. If the person has traffic tickets then you may be able to find out where they reside, how long they have been in jail and any other information available to you.

You can run a search on other types of warrants as well such as sex offender records, if you are suspicious of your spouse then you can perform a search. If you are having trouble with a child then you can do a background check. No matter what your reason is, a free public records search is available. All you have to do is go to your closest public records search site and enter the information that you have. The system will quickly give you all the information that you need on that person including warrant records.