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(1807)Union County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Union County Sheriffs Office221 West 5th StreetMarysvilleOH43040937-645-4100
Union County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Marysville Police Department125 East 6th StreetMarysvilleOH43040937-642-3900
Ohio State Highway Patrol - Marysville Patrol Post 8022600 Northwest ParkwayMarysvilleOH43040937-644-8811
Richwood Police Department101 South Franklin StreetRichwoodOH43344740-943-2422
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Information About Warrant Records

Warrant Records are important in any investigation involving the community. When one is performing a background check on someone, these records are a great way to find out exactly what happened prior to any meetings. These documents will reveal information such as past arrest records and any traffic offenses. One can even find out if the subject has ever been charged with domestic violence or any other crime.

Most people don’t realize that in most states there are laws that allow a person to be declared “mentally incapacitated.” This means that the person is considered mentally incapacitated for the purposes of obtaining a document stating that the person is not competent to stand trial. If one does not know whether or not this has actually happened to the person they are investigating, one should conduct a pre-trial search. Doing so will provide them with crucial information regarding this problem.

In Union County, Ohio, the sheriff will maintain a record of any warrants that have been out for an indeterminate period of time. This means that they are active and in effect, but the paper is not updated. One can request that the Sheriff’s Office update their data on these warrants. The process is very simple and it only costs a small amount of money to make sure that one’s information is current.

These days, many people are opting to hire a private detective. Although this option may work well enough in some situations, it is much more expensive than one would pay to have access to these records. Also, once one locates a criminal record search, there is no guarantee that it is up to date. There are a few different types of information that one can receive through a criminal record search. They can receive felony charges, misdemeanor charges and information on any arrest that the person may have made.

In order to conduct a public records search online one must use a reliable service. The information must be accurate and fresh. The records that are available can tell a person a great deal about a person. For instance, if a person is applying to a job, a prospective employer will want to know if the person has a record and how many times they were arrested and convicted.

One of the best sources for warrant records is the local courthouse. The clerk offices all have a website where people can find out information on past warrants as well as current warrants. Some of the records will not be available because of privacy concerns, but the information is still worth looking into. When a person finds something that they are interested in, they should utilize the courthouse’s website to find out if the information is available. Once they find that it is, they can go online and complete an application to get the information.