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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Bridgeport Police Department301 Main StreetBridgeportOH43912740-635-9999
Flushing Police Department212 East High StreetFlushingOH43977740-968-4144
Martins Ferry Police Department35 South 5th StreetMartins FerryOH43935740-633-2121
Morristown Police Department315 Church StreetMorristownOH43759740-699-0429
Ohio State Highway Patrol - Saint Clairsville Patrol Post 751400 National Road EastSt. ClairsvilleOH43950740-695-0915
Powhatan Point Police Department104 Mellott StreetPowhatan PointOH43942740-795-5755
Richland Township Police Department100 North Market StreetSt. ClairsvilleOH43950740-695-9543
Saint Clairsville Police Department100 North Market StreetSt. ClairsvilleOH43950740-695-0123
Shadyside Police Department50 East 39th StreetShadysideOH43947740-676-4023
Belmont County Sheriff Department
Belmont County Sheriffs Office / Belmont County Jail68137 Hammond RoadSt. ClairsvilleOH43950740-695-7933
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Belmont Police Department321 3rd StreetBelmontOH43718740-484-1989
Belmont County Police Departments
Barnesville Police Department132 North Arch StreetBarnesvilleOH43713740-425-1976
Bellaire Police Department3195 Belmont StreetBellaireOH43906740-676-3322
Bethesda Police Department112 South Main StreetBethesdaOH43719740-484-4009

Warrant Records Are Easy to Find

Warrant records are one of the most important documents you’ll need if you’re wondering about someone’s history. In many cases, a warrant will be issued for a crime that didn’t even exist at the time the warrant was issued. You may have seen these warrants on TV or in the movies. They seem like they’re just some random guy walking down the street with a badge who is going to jump into someone’s car and arrest them for something they did not do. This is actually what most warrants are; someone pulls up to your house and is looking for you on some suspicion. They find your home or car and suspect you of some crime.

When the police write up the paperwork they call it a “warrant of arrest.” A warrant is an order from a judge that states that a person has committed a crime and should be arrested. The judge issues the warrant after checking out the person’s name. If you have a criminal record, you’ll most likely have a warrant out for your arrest because your record will appear on the warrant.

Warrant records will list the crime the person is charged with, their current location, as well as their arrest date. You can go down to your local courthouse and request these records. They’ll let you know if there are any outstanding warrants out for your own arrest. They’ll also tell you if the person you’re looking for has ever been convicted of a crime in the past. This is important because if a person has been convicted of a crime they’ll have a permanent criminal record marked on their public records.

These records can also show if a person has ever been to jail, been on trial, or had their charges dismissed. Perpetrators of criminal activity can have their records expunged or sealed from the public if they have been found to be guilty. However, even if a person has been found not guilty, their records are still filed away in case someone wants to conduct a background check on them. If the person doesn’t have a criminal record and has never been arrested, their background check will probably turn up nothing.

Because many police departments keep these warrant records, you can run a free criminal record check online. In many cases, you’ll be able to see the person’s name, current address, court records, aliases, place of employment, as well as their bail amount. You can also see their criminal history, which will include any felonies or other crimes they were arrested for. The information you get from these records can really help you determine if a person is potentially innocent or guilty of a crime.

When you conduct a criminal search, you’ll be able to learn the identity of the person who owns the property that the person was spotted by the police car at. If you get a warrant for your own arrest, you’ll also learn the names, addresses, phone numbers, and more of the people the police were called about. You can use this information to find out the identity of the person who called the police. Performing a warrant search online is really easy and quick, and it only takes a few seconds to get a report on a potential criminal.