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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1769)Sandusky County Police Departments
Bellevue Police Department3000 Seneca Industrial ParkwayBellevueOH44811419-483-4444
Sandusky County Police Departments
Clyde Police Department222 North Main StreetClydeOH43410419-547-9555
Fremont Police Department1141 West State StreetFremontOH43420419-332-6464
Gibsonburg Police Department214 West Madison StreetGibsonburgOH43431419-637-2142
Ohio State Highway Patrol - Fremont Patrol Post 722226 Commerce DriveFremontOH43420419-332-8246
Woodville Police Department219 West Main StreetWoodvilleOH43469419-849-2211
Sandusky County Sheriff Department
Sandusky County Sheriff's Office2323 Countryside DriveFremontOH43420419-332-2613
Sandusky County FBI Office
Helena Ohio FBI Office3875 U.s. 6HelenaOH43435419-638-5008
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Accessing Criminal Records – Protect Your Property and Your Employees

Warrant Records are an important part of every public record, and in Ohio, they are kept in the court house or in the county seat where the crime occurred. In most counties, the Warrant Records are kept at the Public Access Registry under the title “Warrant of Arrest.” Ohio law states that these records should be open to the general public unless they contain personal information not intended to be released to the public. These include name, address, and service status, but may also include bank account numbers, tax liens and judgments if applicable.

Warrant Records have historically been used to aid police departments and other law enforcement agencies with the easy accessibility of criminal history information on people. Today, they serve a much more different purpose. They are used to aid in the easy accessibility of criminal records for employers, landlords, tenants, and anyone else with an interest in how a person has lived his or her life. By taking a simple criminal background check through the Ohio Vital Records Registry, you can find out exactly what criminal activities your prospective tenant has been involved with and the level of criminal activity they are considered to be involved in by their own actions.

There’s no need to contact the local courthouse to request the criminal history of a prospective new roommate or apartment landlord. You can utilize a private detective to discover this type of information quickly and easily. Using an online service is much faster and easier than running down to the courthouse and wait in line for hours.

When searching for this type of information, it’s wise to find a reliable online service that will give you comprehensive information without having to pay for each individual record individually. This can save time and money and is a far more efficient and reliable process. One option is to visit a website that will return results for a small fee. Once you’ve found the individual records that you need, you’ll have the ability to see the nature of the criminal activity involved and the level of criminal activity that the person may have engaged in the past. This is helpful when evaluating potential employees and when considering hiring individuals to work in sensitive positions.

Obtaining a copy of a persons criminal history is vital in making sure that you will not have any safety issues concerning this individual in the future. If you run a business, hiring someone to work at your company could mean having access to this type of personal information. The same is true if you have rental properties. If you have tenants, conducting background checks on them can help prevent rentals problems later.

A person should never be placed in a situation where they have no way of verifying the background of any prospective employee or landlord. The warrant records will allow you to protect yourself and your property by assessing the character of the people around you. It doesn’t matter whether you are running a large business or a small family rental property, you want to make sure that you don’t put your property and your employees at risk by hiring a person with a criminal past. Warrant records will allow you to be a proactive landlord or business owner by checking the character of your future tenants. This can make the difference between a safe property management and a dangerous one.